Class 17: WED APR 01

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This morning’s welcome music is the Spotify mix called “REM Radio.”




  • Chalk Art

    • The image above is a clever chalk drawing. Its effect can be appreciated only from one perspective. Its “author” has very carefully arranged for us to see the illusion from exactly where he wants us to see it from, forcing on us the inevitable conclusion that a terrible catastrophe has befallen the quiet urban street.
    • But of course, the street has not collapsed. It’s been drawn to look that way.
    • Do your own Google search now for: Chalk Art Sidewalk Pavement Street 3-D or any combination of those words and share your favorites with the class.
    • To share, bring the image to your screen and click the green “Share Screen” button in the middle of your Zoom control bar.
  • Your Fake News Posts

  • Updated Professor Conference Chart

  • Promises and Prizes

  • Types of Causal Argument

9 Responses to Class 17: WED APR 01

  1. j6128 says:

    At zoom to your calendar or click on agendas page that says “invitation to Zoom”
    Chalk Art: 3D art, only works from our current perspective/viewpoint
    In Barcelona there are street performers that act like statues
    Dysphoria means a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life.The opposite of euphoria.
    Don’t use parenthetical citations, informal citations
    Schedule a zoom conference appointment
    Promises and prizes in class task
    You want your reader to know what to expect
    Don’t incorporate useless claims in writing
    Keep your promises and fulfilling them when you write
    You need to keep people interests
    Draw readers through the paragraphs by making small promises
    The idiom “canary in a coal mine” means Someone or something that is an early warning for trouble or danger. An early indicator of greater danger due to a decline in health or welfare of something related.
    Create different types of causal arguments in essay

  2. a1175 says:

    -to keep readers satisfied, there should continuously be a promise and its fulfillment
    -every other sentence should be a promise and a prize
    -causal arguments can be a single cause with single effect, single cause with several effects, several causes with one effect, a casual chain, and a causation fallacy

  3. alyse816 says:

    Perception is different to everyone depending on where you are looking from.
    The heart of communication in writing is having promises, and fulfilling them with prizes.
    Make sure to describe the prize in detail for the reader to fulfill the promise.
    Doing this throughout the paper will keep the reader engaged, and pleased that you delivered the promise.
    Discussed the different type of causal arguments
    Make sure you stay on task for your cause and its effects that you stated in the claim made

  4. harp03 says:

    Class Notes 04/01/2020

    -We will be using the same zoom link for the remainder of the semester
    -Conferences will be held in the zoom link as well

    -Use real name
    -April 15th deadline
    -Fill in time, with am/pm and let professor know if it is the day of

    Chalk Art:
    -The art only works from a certain perspective!!
    -In real life, different angles will create a different picture (some look like a mess, other angles make it look impossible to have drawn)

    -We reviewed the Fake News posts
    -When writing essay, remember to NOT use parenthetical citations
    -Still indicate who is responsible for the information by identifying the author, publication, and title

    Promises and Prizes:
    -A new promise and a new fulfillment keeps the reader satisfied
    -Readers keep reading because you keep them interested with your promises
    -They stay when continue to fulfill those promises rather than searching for something better
    -A good essay/piece of writing has constant promises that are succeeded by constant prizes

    Types of Causal Arguments:
    -X causes Y (Single cause-single effect)
    Remember that your opinion/objections are irrelevant in a causal argument

    Essay due Midnight on Sunday April 5th!!!

  5. Cleo says:

    Class notes:
    -looked at fascinating 3D chalk sidewalk art that and shared our own paintings with class.
    -schedule appointment
    -it is important to promise your readers something then fulfill that promise because we naturally want to trace storylines.
    -promise and prize- always reward your reader with juicy information as a reward to the promise. Be careful not to promise for too long without giving a prize.
    -hw due on April 5th

  6. bmdpiano says:


    Promises and Prizes:
    – In writing, offer a promise and always deliver a prize.
    – Doing this makes the writing intriguing and keeps your readers around.
    – Do NOT be vague with promises. There will be not room to offer a prize.

    Types of Casual Arguments:
    – X causes Y
    – There can also be more than one cause. X causes Y causes Z.
    – Ex: Facebook can cost people a job. Posting something that is risky on social media can cause someone to be fired from their job.
    – Chain reactions (X causes Y which causes Z)

  7. rose1029 says:

    Class Notes 4/1/2020
    What we discussed:
    – Chalk Art
    – Classmates Fake News Posts
    – Update Professor Conference Chart
    – Promises and Prizes (In Class Task)
    – Types of Casual Argument

    I learned that…
    – due to the layout of the artwork and the help of the people’s clever posing the chalk art can look extremely realistic to the human eye.
    – Diaspora: a group of people living elsewhere then the place you use to [i.e. Jews and their homeland]
    – It can still be dangerous for fake news to get out no matter how ridiculous it is
    – special citations for this class
    – you want your reader to know exactly what to expect when reading your work, and make sure they see your point that you’re working so hard to make
    – continue to peek the readers interested by making small promises and fulfilling them along the way to your conclusion
    – by revising my writing this way I can better maintain my focus and draw the reader in better.
    – X causing Y in writing: this action has a consequence(s) – there are numerous ways to create an X for the Y, Z, etc.
    – arguing against a cause you don’t agree with and backing it up with evidence could be the best way to prove you cause that you agree with

  8. shaquilleoatmeal2250 says:


    – Could be very related to writing your essay
    – The painters job is to create an illusion in it’s viewers to see what the painters wants them to see. Same idea should be used for authors as they should be trying to create the POV the readers will see
    – The goal for writing is to win the readers onto your side and get them to see what your saying clearly

    – Make appointment before April 15th
    – Any help needed for any writing

    – When writing you should think of using a promise and prize type technique
    – You talk about something or claim something which is the promise then you answer it or define it which is the prize
    – The prize can be good or bad it just needs to tell the reader about what they read
    – You can have your whole writing in promise and prize technique and it’s perfectly fine
    – You should want there to be more promise and prize rather then that black and boring text

    – We were told 5 causal recommendations for our personal writing
    – You can use multiple in your writing and ideas
    – Had to reply with an example from our of topic of writing for each of the 5 causal arguments

  9. tenere84 says:

    Notes 4/1

    Chalk Art
    – 3D art that can only be appreciated by one perspective
    – It’s carefully arranged and thought-out beforehand by the author in order for the illusion to work

    Updated Professor Conference Chart
    – Mandatory conferences have been moved back.
    – You can now request times to speak with Mister David for whenever, save some days during which he is booked with other business.
    – Even 3 AM is a reasonable time to speak with the professor.

    Promises and Prizes
    – Promises and prizes are the heart of communication. Readers need both periodic promises of evidence to come and the fulfillment of those promises.
    – Many writing amateurs and students make the mistake of writing paragraphs that neither make promises nor deliver on those promises.
    – In writing, if you make a promise, no matter how implicit, you must deliver on that promise and soon.
    – This discussion is similar to that about “talked-about” language; writers need to actually deliver to the reader the information that will, hopefully and ultimately, persuade them.

    Types of Causes

    Single Cause with a Single Effect (X causes Y)
    – “Facebook can cost us our jobs”

    Single Cause with Several Effects (X causes Y and Z)
    – “We are the casualties of the War on Drugs”

    Several Causes for a Single Effect (Both X and Y cause Z)
    – “There’s No One Explanation for Gangs”

    A Causal Chain (X causes Y, which causes Z)
    – “Failure to Prosecute Rape Causes Rape”

    Causation Fallacy (X does not cause Y)
    – “Violent Games Are Not the Missing Link”

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