Class 14: MON MAR 09

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  1. j6128 says:

    What happened
    What does Music Look Like
    Too late to meme
    What is the Headline
    Why the challenger exploded
    My ultrasound was rape
    Coins with two heads

    What I learned
    Say what you have to say and shut up (in terms of writing)
    Your thesis is never the story, unless it is measured in humans lives
    Figure out the human costs when writing
    The challenger was a space shuttle vehicle, flew like a plane
    NASA took out the excitement of the challenger, and make it like a commuter flight
    School teacher (Christa McAuliffe) was chosen to fly in the challenger- it was a really big deal
    Challenger took off from cape canaveral
    Bringing in a tv into a classroom was a big deal
    Ice formed on the landing pad
    The immediate cause of the explosion was the failure of O-Rings to contain the immense pressure of combustion within the rocket
    The challenger failed because of the temperature which was not ideal for the O-Rings
    Roman war chariots were built wheels spaced 4 feet, 8-½ inches apart
    As England was part of the Roman Empire, English Carts came to adopt the Roman standard to take advantage of the path of least resistance established by the ruts carved by Roman chariots
    Early railroads in America naturally adopted the odd but increasingly accepted english “standard gauge” as well
    Had to build the rocket in parts, that were small enough to go through tunnels
    Width of two horses asses is the width of railroad tunnels, and railroad tracks
    The school teacher died because of the width of two horses asses
    “State-sponsored rape”
    Forcing women to undergo an invasive procedure
    Object sexual penetration statute in Virginia
    Hypothesis is not a claim, it is something to test
    You will be making factual claims
    Interpretations are inference claims-they might sound like facts but they are actually opinions based on facts or conclusions drawn from an analysis
    Judgement claims are opinions based on values, beliefs or philosophical concepts

  2. nayr79 says:

    Today’s class featured a link to a video showing us what music looks like. We rapidly went from music to memes. We looked at Christopher Walken’s face and how it looks like Scarlett Johanssen. After that, we watched a clip that gave us writing advice. We are now discussing why the Challenger exploded. I remember hearing this story a long time ago. I know it was a big deal since a civilian was on board and everyone watched it, but it blew up not even a minute after it left the ground. Apparently, the Challenger and its equipment was not designed to launch in the weather conditions it launched in. This launch was such a big deal and the pressure from audiences wanting to watch could have led to the decision to launch in unsuitable weather. This somehow transitioned into how the Roman Empire’s standard for chariot width has translated in the train track standards of today. Train tunnels are just big enough to fit two trains at the same time and limited sizes of things could fit. So, transporting rockets for space travel by train had to fit in these tunnels, which are based on roman chariots. Factual claims are our evidence, while inferential claims are interpretations of our evidence. It’s like an opinion based on fact.

  3. rose1029 says:

    COMP Notes 3/9
    What Happened:
    – Analyzed music
    – Too late to meme
    – Discussed the idea of “the headline”
    – Why the Challenger Exploded
    – My Ultrasound Was Rape discussion
    – The Coins with Two Heads
    – Help with Definitions

    I learned that…
    – The music was very complex, showing an in-depth perception of every different note and the length of each note as shown in the type of shape.
    – Scarlett Johanssen resembles a young Christopher Walken
    – Take the human costs, danger, and small successes to everything in order to find a headline to base your writing on. [finding the heart of your story]
    – There is a theory that once NASA created a lower risk of landing when they launched things in and out of orbit, the adventures became boring. To create a more exciting event they invited an “ordinary citizen” onboard and once most of the world was tuned in on the live broadcast of the launch the shuttle exploded and everyone inside died. The challenger was launched even though there were risk factors due to inclement weather.
    – The levels of “why” an event occurred and trying to find who to blame
    – Roman war chariots were built with a width of 4 ft, 8-½ inches.
    – Wheels on early railroads use the same measurements
    – The pieces that created the rocket boosters for the Challenger had to be shipped from someplace else using a train. Therefore; the pieces of the rocket had to be small enough to fit through the tunnels to get to Florida to be put together. Because of this, the use of O-rings which was found to be the cause of the failed launch was used to keep all the pieces together.
    – The definition problem – the definitions of ultrasound vs rape: all relying on the consent of the woman.
    – The thesis is the most important claim and is built up through several other claims: factual (evidence) inference claims(your understanding of the evidence), judgment claims → to create a proposal to impose change or analyze how things currently are
    – Making flawed judgment claims by making certain inferences happens all the time
    – A page that offers a guideline and some advice for everyone’s topic.

  4. a1175 says:

    -challenger launched a civilian into space in 1986 (no one with an actual mission)
    -everyone was watching at their schools and jobs
    -the challenger ended up exploding after it launched
    -the o-rings failed to work
    -there are ultrasounds where doctor’s put an object in a woman
    -some people are claiming that to be rape
    -factual claims are the evidence
    -inferential claims are your interpretation of the evidence
    -judgment claims are your recommendations for action

  5. gossipgirl3801 says:

    3/9/20- Today in class we discussed counterintuitive ideas about music, memes, a clip from a movie about how to make a good headline, and how the challenger exploded. We watched the video of the challenger exploding and then we watched a video of the best explanation why I exploded. We did so to show that the video doesn’t really answer the question of why it exploded. Was it the O-rings or NASA’S bad call?? This should help us when researching and writing our own essay. Trains are made from the same people that made chariots and that’s why the standards for a train are 4 feet 8.5 inches apart. This has to do with the Challenger because the people who made the rocket attached to it was made to fit through a tunnel because it had to travel to Florida by train and it had to fit through a tunnel. It was only the size of a horse’s ass which is why they needed O-rings, which is why it exploded. We then looked at another definition essay about ultrasound rape on women who are about to get an abortion. A law was trying to be passed that women who are about to get an abortion must get an invasive ultrasound that can be described as sponsored rape because something is being penetrated in them without consent. We looked at claim types, one on the coin with two heads and how flipping a coin isn’t a good way to decide something. To help us with our essay due on Wednesday professor provided some people with helpful proposals on their topic.

  6. dancestar10 says:

    in class we talked about :
    -what music looks like
    -why the challenger exploded and about memes
    -Christopher calling did because of the width of a horses ass
    – help with definitions essay

  7. harp03 says:

    Class Notes 03/09/2020

    What is the Headline?:
    -Share the most important contents of your “story” or topic
    -Then, keep quiet…there is no need to provide unnecessary information
    -For the entire research paper, be aware of this concept (no extra junk)

    Possible reasons for the launch failure…
    -The challenger failed because the O-rings failed to operate because of the temperature
    -Sending civilians to space created pressure?
    -NASA was too confident
    -Ignored weather conditions
    -Should we blame the O-ring manufacturer?

    Roman Empire created the standard width due to their horses and chariots (4 feet 8 and 1/2 inches)
    Because of the Roman Empire, Great Britain used this standard gauge for their train rails
    Because of Great Britain, America and NASA used 2 chariot-widths in order to transfer rocket parts through tunnels, therefore you could say that Christian McAuliffe died because of two horses

    My Ultrasound Was Rape:
    -Definition of rape and ultrasound could be an argument
    -Lithwick implies that rape and ultrasound coexist
    -If it did not have massive implications on the body, maybe it would not be such a serious manner

    Coins With Two Heads:
    *Claims = debatable assertions
    -Factual Claims are your evidence
    -Inferential Claims are your interpretations of the evidence
    -Judgement Claims are recommendations based on your evidence

    -An inferential claim would claim that after the first flip, no flip is 50/50, or that every future flip is influenced by prior flips
    -A judgement claim could be formed based off of a flawed inference claim which would be wrong

    Leave a reply under “Help with definitions” so that the professor can give recommendations on what terms/concepts to define

  8. shaquilleoatmeal2250 says:


    – The thesis is not the story
    – You need to dig deeper for your story

    – Video of space shuttle named challenger that had blown up shortly after launch
    – Explosion was because of rocket malfunctions
    – You can make a three leveled thesis or one that can go multiple ways…. EX: You can say it was blown up because of the creator of the rings or another could be just because the weather was too cold
    – You can also use them together to make a leveled thesis
    – Hodges showed an example in which he dug deep and found the cause…
    – Found that the build of the rocket was made because of the width of two horses butt’s
    – It sounds absurd, but he presented it perfectly and shows that they wouldn’t have needed the rings if it wasn’t for the following of the width of the horses

    – By definition you could have argued that ultrasounds could be considered rape
    – The FBI had to then change the definition of rape so that it couldn’t be used causing consequences
    – It may sound absurd how you can compare doctors work with rape, but by old definition you could have said so

    – Without claims your argument can’t be considered an essay
    – Your thesis is just one of your claims
    -Your claim is there to grab the readers attention and to pull them into your argument

    – Prof Hodges gave example help on multiple students topics to where he gave a provided example for a bases to your definition essay
    – By providing a definition argument for the students to work off it gives a much better lead way for us students on where to go and how to go about it
    – I personally love when Mr. Hodges does stuff like this because it really can help a student that needs direction to lead on their whole essay

  9. stripedsweater21 says:

    We talked about the Challenger and why it exploded. Gas leaked through the O-rings because it was simply too cold outside. We then talked about the cause. The O-rings could only fit on a train, which its size was determined by the train tracks, which was determined by a chariot, which its size was determined by a horses ass.
    We talked about how the first draft is due on wednesday. We were then given an example.
    Our hypothesis is not a claim. It is something we are researching. We are to include factual claims(evidence), our interpretations of those claims and judgement claims. The professor posted “help with definitions” and included my hypothesis. I will use that to help me in my work.

  10. bmdpiano says:


    – The short video showed that you need to choose the right words for a headline. If a storm is coming, “Imminent storm strikes village.” If the storm doesn’t strike, “Village was spared by deadly storm.”

    Challenger Explosion:
    – The purpose for showing this is to show how they were supposed to answer the question of “Why did the Challenger explode?”
    – There are many levels of reasoning. The design of the O rings were made for a certain temperature, so it then goes to the weather explanation.
    – There is never just one answer for the question you’re answering. It always opens up new doors of possibilities that need to be looked at.
    – A reasoning: The width of a horse’s ass. This comes from causation and how chariots and trains were built. This affected the transport of parts for the Challenger.

    Ultrasound Bill:
    – The definition of rape is used to support the claim that a specific procedure on a woman is considered rape.
    – Just the definition of rape in the State of Virginia where this happened showed that the procedure was considered rape because of the actions the doctor took and how the woman did not give consent for those actions.
    – A definition can majorly change an argument.

  11. sixers103 says:

    Watched a short movie clip about headlines. Professor than talked to us about why the challenger exploded. The gas mixture was not able to be kept in from leaking which than resulted in the space craft exploding on live TV. Explained that horses asses from one end to the other have been the width of everything. The challenger technically exploded due to the width of a horses ass. Discussed wether or not an ultrasound is rape or not due to the fact of its definition or the way its being categorized. When writing a definitional argument paper you will use claims to boost your argument. Three claims that you should look to use are judgement, claims of fact, and inferential. Discussed fellow students hypothesis to help us on our definition argument draft.

  12. taxmanmaxwell says:

    Today in class we were taught to know the human toll. As an example, dark clouds would be a deadly storm. If no storm comes then readers were spared from the deadly storm. We are meant to give our readers an understanding of the potential danger and not just what will probably happen. As a real-world example, we discussed why the challenger disaster occurred. Typically, an O-ring failure due to low temperature is given as the reason as to why the disaster occurred. However, it is possible to say the choice to launch at low temperatures is the true cause. Similarly, it is possible to extrapolate and state that the width of two horses is the cause of the disaster and our lesson plan contains details of the extrapolation. We also covered how defining an ultrasound as rape can be considered a definition argument. Our professor then directed us to suggestions he has given us for our writing project due Wednesday.

  13. Cleo says:

    class notes-
    -music complexity
    -say what you need to say and stop writing.
    -help with definitions
    -the challenger exploded

  14. walmaarts says:

    Today we started class with a video on what a proper headline should be. In the video, the main actor comes up with two headlines based on the outcomes of the weather. “Storm threatens local village” and “Village is spared from the storm”. Both of these headlines show how headlines can be made from basically anything. Next, we looked into why the challenger exploded. After watching the newscast from that day we then learned that “O-rings” or flanges that were supposed to keep flammable gas from escaping were compromised due to the cold weather in Florida. This seems like a logical explanation but these tragedies origins go back further to the days of the Roman Empire. To make a long story short parts that make up the challenger had to be transported with a limit of 4 feet by 8.5 inches because of two horses that determined the width of railroad tracks in today’s world. Although this is an unlikely reason it shows that there are many ways to challenge information. Finally, we talked about flipping a coin and how something as simple as a coin flip can have “Claims of Fact” which are facts, but we can refute them on the basis of accuracy. “Inferential Claims’ ‘ which may sound like facts but are actually opinions and “Judgement Claims’ ‘ which are opinions based on values.

    • davidbdale says:

      That’s really well done, Walmaarts. Without bothering with the details of what and how we discussed or “talked about” the topics, you found and shared the Headlines.

  15. tenere84 says:

    Notes 3/09

    The Headline
    – Say only what needs to be said and shut up. This applies to writing essays as well as stories.

    Why did the Challenger explode?
    – The common explanation: failure of O-Rings to contain the immense pressure of combustion within the rocket.
    – The question is still complicated, however, since multiple explanations can be named: O-ring failure, running the rockets in a cold temperature at launch, creating pressure from the media to launch by the decision to send a civilian to space, overconfidence, etc.
    – A most unlikely explanation: the Challenger failed because of the way Romans decided to build their horse-drawn carts when Rome ruled most of the world and could establish a global standard.
    – The shape and width of horses’ asses determined the dimensions of many forms of transportation technology, from Roman war chariots, to English carts, to even American railroads. This affected the dimensions of train tunnels.
    – The rocket boosters were shipped in two pieces instead of one in order to get through the tunnels in the Rocky Mountains to, eventually, the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
    – Those two rocket boosters, in order to be as one, were wrapped in the now-infamous rubber O-Rings that failed so catastrophically on the day of the Challenger disaster.
    – Why did Christa McAuliffe die? Because of the width of a horse’s ass.

    Is an ultrasound rape?
    – Because of the accepted definition of rape, the concept of an ultrasound has found its way into the category.
    – A few have claimed that because ultrasound is an invasive procedure that does not take consent into consideration and involves sexual penetration by an object, it should be considered rape.
    – It’s not considered a big problem because it does not have serious implications on the body.

    Claim Types
    – Claims are assertions open to debate.
    – Factual claims – the evidence
    – Inferential Claims – one’s interpretation of the evidence

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