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Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels.


You’ve reached the Meeting Page for Comp II Spring 2020 Your Professor is “in the room.” Say “Hello” to announce your successful arrival or to ask a question. Otherwise, I’ll see you tomorrow morning.

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New Task: Visual Literacy

We want you to be able to write, certainly. But in the 21st century, more of our communication is accomplished visually than verbally, so a good course in argument or thinking should include a healthy dose of training in making … Continue reading

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Causal Reprieve

The Causal Argument Task

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Musical Interlude: The Weight

Please share links to music worth sharing. Put it in the MyMusic category. Thanks!  

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Classes moving to Zoom

I’ll produce an Agenda for every class as usual and publish the link to the Zoom meeting as part of the Agenda. All you need to prep for class is to open the daily Agenda, click the link, and activate … Continue reading

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FEEDBACK for Early Drafts

Just a reminder. You can get early feedback by posting a draft before the Sunday Midnight deadline.

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Practice Post

This is my first post, just for practice. I placed it in two Categories: the davidbdale category, which I found under Author; and the Practice Post category, which I found under Classroom Basics.

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Lifetime Guarantee

Frankly, I’ll be disappointed if you don’t contact me for something.

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Visual Rhetoric—torthey

Assignment A05 has nothing to do with your research project, torthey. It’s a standalone requirement of the Writing Arts department. Demonstrate that your literacy skills extend beyond the merely verbal and incorporate visual literacy to keep pace with contemporary communications.

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The assignment for A12: Reflective Statement contains everything you’ll need to do a good job with this post, torthey, including a cut-and-paste section to assure formatting compliance. Make a compelling argument that you learned and follow the Core Values of … Continue reading

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