Portfolio Checklist

Complete Portfolio Due MON MAY 04

  1. Definition Argument, 1000 words

  2. Causal Argument, 1000 words

  3. Rebuttal Argument, 1000 words

  4. Short Argument Rewrite, 1000 words

    • Definition Rewrite OR

    • Causal Rewrite OR

    • Rebuttal Rewrite

      • In which you demonstrate your responsiveness to feedback, essential for meeting the Core Values of the Writing Arts curriculum
  5. Research Position Paper, 3000 words

    • The culmination of your semester research project, a persuasive essay that uses academic research to prove the correctness of your Thesis, with a Reference section of 5 to 10 sources, preferably academic, of work you specifically cite in the body of your argument.
  6. Annotated Bibliography

    • Bibliographic details of up to 15 sources that you consulted in your research, complete with a Purposeful Summary of the argument made by the source and How You Used It to advance your research or support your argument.
  7. Self-Reflective Statement

    • This is a persuasive argument too. It uses the template provided by your Professor to argue that you have met the Core Values of the Writing Arts curriculum, with links to your own work that support that thesis.