Missing Dollar Paradox

The Missing Dollar Paradox

Three ladies go to a restaurant for a meal. They receive a bill for $30. They each put $10 on the table, which the waiter collects and takes to the till. The cashier informs the waiter that the bill should only have been for $25 and returns $5 to the waiter in single dollar bills. On the way back to the table the waiter realizes that he cannot divide the bills equally among the ladies.

Since they don’t know the total of the revised bill, he decides to put $2 in his own pocket and give each of the ladies $1.

Now, each of the ladies paid $9. Three times 9 is $27. The waiter has $2 in his pocket. Two plus 27 is $29. The ladies originally handed over $30.

Where is the missing dollar?

Explain the answer as CLEARLY and BRIEFLY as you can as a Reply to this post during class today.

12 Responses to Missing Dollar Paradox

  1. nickalodeansallthat says:

    He pocketed a dollar before the revision

  2. romanhsantiago says:

    The total of the check was $25 plus the $2 that the waiter pocketed brings the total to $27. Then each one of the ladies recieved $3 back and that total adds to be $30.

  3. studentwriter1212 says:

    The premise of 3 times 9 equalling 27 has no place in the argument so there is actually 28 dollars and the waiter pockets 1.

  4. torthey says:

    3•9 has nothing to do with the problem. There is no dollar missing, the phrasing is just confounding.

  5. kedudnaimad says:

    There is no missing dollar. The bill is $25 and the three ladies pay $30, they each receive $1 back and the waiter keeps $2. This totals $30.

  6. chippy1313 says:

    There is no missing dollar, each lady receives one dollar back and the waiter pockets the two dollars, so the bill must have been $25

  7. nobinaryneeded says:

    Handed in – $30
    Bill Total – $25
    Boss gives waiter $5
    Waiter gives each woman $1 and keeps $2 to divide evenly
    Each woman pays $9 which equals $27
    Out of $27, the bill was $25 and the other $2 is in the waiters pocket.

    They paid $27. The waiter was given $2. The total was $25. $27 minus $2 is $25. There is no missing dollar.

  8. therealjohnsanchez says:

    There is no missing dollar. When the waiter has 5 dollars in his pocket it and the cashier has 25 dollars, it adds to 30. Then the cashier has 25, the waiter has 2, and the group of women have 3 which also adds up.
    When they multiple 9 and 3 to show the missing dollar, they are wrongly counting the money the waiter stole.

  9. greeneggsandham234 says:

    They only paid $27, and the bill was $25. So the 2 dollars is the money he pocketed. $30 has nothing to do with the second payment

  10. thecommonblackhawk says:

    No dollar is missing, irrelevant math is applied to confuse the reader. The fact of the matter is, each women gave 10 totaling to 30. 5 was given back to the waiter who pocketed 2 and gave 1 back to each of the three women.

  11. kingoflizards says:

    I cannot find a missing dollar. The money that the cashier pocket, and the money that goes to the restaurant adds to 27, and then the other three dollars go back to the women. No missing dollar

  12. aeks123 says:

    There is no missing dollar. The way the math is worded throws us off. Each lady doesn’t really pay $9, it just makes us think that they do.

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