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Tufts university professor, Moon Duchin is tackling the inefficient process of gerrymandering. The undemocratic process, which gives the advantage to the minority party has long been discussed. The Supreme court has tackled the problem, stating that defining  “compactness” is where the problem lies. This is where Duchin comes in. A mathematician,Duchin is gathering fellow mathematicians to define compactness, and create a mathematical answer the the problem of gerrymandering. A geometrical answer is the answer to the problem that has plagued the Supreme Court, and make the voting process more democratic.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    You’ve covered a lot of the material here in your opening, GreenEggs. The fact that the Court has identified compactness as an important defining characteristic is good, and not present in your classmates’ work. But naming the details is not as valuable as revealing the logic of how the parts fit together.

    We can’t tell from your paragraph that:
    1. Compactness is desirable. It’s the condition the courts look for to determine that districts are fairly drawn.
    2. That the mathematicians will be trained to provide expert testimony in court.
    3. That their goal is to demonstrate the unconstitutionality of districts that are not compact.

    Logic can be provided without additional language, GreenEggs. Without it, no number of words can tell the story.

    I encourage you to revise for an upgrade.
    So far, 2/3

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