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When it comes to Gerrymandering, it results in one district is overpowering another. Now, becoming an issue, it is found that metric geometry research can be used to help the problems the courts have been presented with. Mathematicians are the one being scouted in order to become expert witnesses in court. But why? Since more cases are being presented to the Supreme Court over voting districts, it seems right to get experts to know how to work with the math side to help evaluate the dilemma the courts are in today.


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  1. davidbdale says:

    As an experiment, Dunkin, I’m going to remove the extra language from your sentences.
    1. Gerrymandering results in one district overpowering another.
    2. Metric geometry research can be used to solve conflicts presented to the courts.
    3. Mathematicians are being trained as expert witnesses.
    4. More cases are being presented to the Supreme Court over voting districts
    5. Mathematicians can evaluate the evidence.

    That’s good raw material. We need a claim that the “overpowering” of one district by another is somehow unfair or undemocratic. Otherwise, we won’t know why the topic is important. Once we care about the problem, we’ll favor the involvement of the trained mathematicians who can restore justice to the system by ending gerrymandering.

    Can you emphasize the conflict and its resolution?
    I encourage you to revise for an upgrade.
    So far, 1/3

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