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We tend to think of gerrymandering as a problem that can only be solved in courts by politicians, but using geometry as way to combat it is an innovative possible solution. It’s easy to wonder how gerrymandering—the practice of carving of districts to create an advantage for a political party—can be solved by mathematics. Moon Duchin, an associate math professor and director of Science, Technology, and Society program at Tufts University, claims she has the answer. She discovered that her previous research on metric geometry could actually be applied to gerrymandering, a subject that has only been thought of to be solved by politics.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    This is strong, Aeks. It uses the first person plural to include and invest readers in the problem and its solution. It does little to emphasize the urgency of gerrymandering. A stronger version would make us panic about its dangers. You waste most of your last sentence; the new information is the phrase “metric geometry.” The rest of the sentence is repetition.
    I encourage you to revise for an upgrade.
    So far, 2/3.

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