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Sample Opening

Gerrymandering is a political tool that both parties use to gain favor when they are the minority.When parties map out voting, gerrymandering can allow for those that are in, say the 40% out of 100, to actually win over the … Continue reading

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Open Strong – nobinaryneeded

Instead of law makers or politicians, in order to fight Gerrymandering, this college professor is using geometry and mathematicians. The favorable parties of the electoral college is something to be concerned about in the grand scheme of things because this is what decides our … Continue reading

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Open Strong- thecommonblackhawk

Mathematicians may soon serve on the front lines of the battle against purposeful realignment of voting districts. Known as gerrymandering, political parties can realign voting boundaries to give the power to the minority. Moon Duchin, a professor at Tufts University, began training mathematical … Continue reading

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Open Strong- Gerrymandering

The democratic system of the United States of America is at risk. By redrawing electoral districts, votes can be manipulated to support one party more than another. This process undermines democracy, and could be detrimental to our electoral process. Lucky … Continue reading

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