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2 Responses to Sharing-Homeless

  1. davidbdale says:

    Some good-looking material here, GreenEggs. I did a quick search for the organization, National Coalition for the Homeless and, just for fun, read their tax return for 2012, the latest available year.

    The entire annual budget (grants plus “program revenue”) was about $380,000 while salaries and benefits were about $190,000. Pretty paltry for a “National Coalition.” Finding that information took about 2 minutes. ‘

    I don’t mean to disparage the source: maybe every minute of the employees’ work week is spent providing services to the homeless, but if not, there’s only $190,000 left that might possibly address problems. Interesting?

    • greeneggsandham234 says:

      thanks for the insight, sadly many “charity” organizations are truly in i for the wrong reasons. I’m glad you caught that.

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