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It is counterintuitive to say that the President is for the people when the president chooses to ignore the homeless population of our society. President Trump has done very little in addressing the issue of homelessness in America. Since 2010 homelessness in America has gone down with the veteran homelessness rate dropping 47%, however it is still a very prevalent problem in the United States. Homelessness is an issue that has faced the US for many decades and needs a solution now. The question then arises, how will the US government battle homelessness in America when the funding for this program may be cut. Under President Trumps administration he has ensured that defense and entitlement programs will receive no cuts during his term. This leaves the money to be cut from other federal programs such as education, environmental, health and housing programs. If this occurs combating the ongoing issue against homelessness will become more difficult than it is currently and this country will be taking giant steps back toward finding a solution to homelessness.


It is counterintuitive to believe that giving homes to the homeless will not solve the homelessness crisis in America. This is very much true and has been proven over the past couple of decades with the help of organizations that specialize in helping homeless people in America re adapt to society and rebuild their lives. There are two categories of homelessness. One being episodically homeless meaning they bounce back in forth between being integrated in to society and being homeless. The other category of homelessness falls under the chronically homeless. Most of the time these people have some sort of mental illness and have very little resources available to them to help them live a normal life. Mental illness is very common amongst the homeless most of the time caused by some sort of head injury they endured at some point in their lives. The most effective solution to homelessness is providing housing and rehabilitation for the homeless working with them to deal with mental illness and real world situations as well as helping them find employment. All of these methods put together will essentially end homelessness in America.


It is counterintuitive to for a police officer to seize belonging of homeless people leaving them in situations in which they are endangered due to climate, when a police officer’s motto is to serve and protect the people. This implies that the homeless are not people and that is the furthest from the truth. Homeless people are people too who feel all of the same feeling we do. This includes the cold. Many homeless people carry around sleeping bags and blankets to keep warm during the winter season. Police officers across the nation have been “cracking down” on the homeless and seizing their belongings. Police officers are enforcing anti-camping laws and they are criminalizing the homeless. This is a growing issue in different cities in America, people are standing up to the problem though and speaking out for the homeless.



I know it is really late I was hoping you would still give me some credit. If not its cool, no hard feelings.

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