It seems counterintuitive that so many people look down upon the legalization of marijuana. Although it does have negative factors, it also has positive ones that many people do not know about. A positive aspect would include safety control. If a person buys marijuana from a person, they have no way of knowing for sure what substances are actually in it. For the states that have already legalized it, a framework for a safety control system is created to get rid of the risk coming from smoking it. Another positive outcome of legalizing the drug would be enhancing medical treatment. Marijuana can be beneficial in treating certain health conditions, so more people will be able to use it for its health benefits. There are many other positive measures of the legalization, so rather than only looking at the bad people need to start looking at what it can do to help people around the country.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Sorry, Starbucks. I cannot permit this topic.
    There’s absolutely nothing left to add to this very tired argument.
    Several students before you have tried to convince me that they could avoid the temptation to just summarize the thousands of pages of opinion that have been devoted to this perennial favorite of essay-writers. They have all failed to keep their promises. Not one student has proposed legalization as a topic has produced a paper worth more than a D.
    Worse than that, several have tried to scam me with purchased papers and have withdrawn from the course to avoid failing after their plagiarism was detected.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not go down this path.

    OK? Reply, please. I too appreciate feedback. For best results, keep the conversation going.

  2. davidbdale says:

    Starbucks, you haven’t replied since FEB 13, and now, though you attended class today, you’ve failed to post your assignment here in a Reply. This has been serious for awhile. Now it’s getting dangerous. You need an acceptable research topic, a hypothesis, and at least 5 academic sources with Purposeful Summaries.

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