White Paper- Greeneggsandham

  1. Content Descriptions

-America has become the land of the rich

-America is deemed the land of the free, however it is not quite so

-There is oppression on multiple racial groups, gender, and cultures

-The first Amendment is under attack, which is a key component of the land of the free

-The “all men are created equal claim”  is false for almost everyone in America, as it is false os multiple ways

Working Hypothesis 1

It seems counterintuitive that America is deemed the land of the free. America prides itself as the land of opportunity, where in actuality America is the land of oppression. America has been oppressing people for generations over race, gender, and many other scenarios. Groups have been forced to do things, for the betterment of society supposedly.In actuality its simply discrimination. Almost everyone has been affected by this oppression at one point or another in this country for many different reasons. Oppressing, and revoking freedoms has been a hallmark for the land of the free, which makes that claim so counterintuitive.

Purposeful Summary

This article discusses the many types of oppression that exist in today’s America. It also pinpoints that we as a country still haven’t done anything about it. Gender, race,religion, and sexual orientation play a major role in how one is treated. A homosexual can still be fired for being who they are. Women are paid 70 cents to the dollar. Racism is still evident in the country, and the article also discuss that males are discriminated against. Men are subject to genital mutilation at a young age, and have no other choices. Whistleblowers, both right and left winged are being attacked by the government for simply voicing their opinion. This article showcase that everybody is subject to oppression in this country. Even Christian white males, even though to a lesser extent are being oppressed.


Working Hypothesis 2

America has deemed itself the land where all men are created equal, however that is not quite so. Today in America money rules all, and only those who have it can prosper while the poor have a sever disadvantage. The land of equal opportunity is not quite so, as opportunity is determined by money. Take for example President Trump.He has been very successful in many business venture throughout his life. He got the start from receiving a million dollar loan from his father. If he didn’t receive that loan, he probably would not be the wealthy man he is today (or the leader of the free world). Advantages like these truly determine the success of the individual, not talent or hard work

Purposeful Summary

This article discusses the extreme poverty a in America, and what needs to be done in to fix it. There is a huge problem with income inequality in America. Half the jobs pay less then $34,000 a year.There are many in the 1% who make that in a day. Higher paying jobs need to be restored in the country in oder to  cut into the poverty rate. This poverty have signifially less opputuities to be successful so they often can’t get out of poverty. Poverty causes a lot of the unequalness, and fixing this can set America in the direction of truly the “land of the free”

2. Topics For Smaller Papers

Definition/Classification Argument

For this I can show the average salaries of college educate Americans and non college educated Americans. I can also show the average salaries of these college educated workers parents. by this, I can try to pinpoint how of a disadvantage the poor have as compared to the well off. The wealthy can afford college in oder to prosper, where the poor can’t so they get stuck in a rut.

Cause/Effect Argument

I can show that creating disadvantages for people because of race, gender, or wealth not only creates a less fee country but a toxic environment. This toxic environment creates problems for all people, no matter the race or wealth.

Rebuttal Argument

Even with its flaws, America is still the greatest country in the world to prosper. Many other nation give no rights to people. America gives all its citizens many rights that other countries don’t have. Many of the poor citizens here, would be considered rich in many other countries.

3. Current State of Research

I am trying to get a good mix of both left and right winged sources. Researching both sides of the political spectrum is important so I am not completely biased in my essay. I also am trying to get a good amount of sources the counter my arguments, which I am finding difficult. I also need to get stats and facts to help back up some of my arguments. So I defentily have more research to do.



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1 Response to White Paper- Greeneggsandham

  1. greeneggsandham234 says:

    Single Cause with several effects (X causes Y)
    -Due to the significantly less options available for the poor to succeed, which is why the poor can not escape poverty

    Single Cause with Several Effects (X cause Y and Z)
    -Not giving equal opportunity for the poor to succeed causes the poverty rate to increase, crime rates to rise, and unemployment rate to rise.

    Several Cause with a Single Effect (Both X andY cause Z)
    -Making accessories such as college, healthcare, and decent paying jobs available to only the non poor, those stuck in poverty can not make it and are stuck in the poverty lifestyle.

    A Causal Chain (X Cause Y which Causes X)

    -Not having the same amiability to achieve as the more wealthy, the poor do not have the means to get out of their situations, increasing the poverty rate.

    Causation Fallacy (X does not cause Y)
    -Creating programs to help the poor will not completely solve the poverty epidemic

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