White Paper-Nickalodeansallthat

Contents Description

-The Public’s opinion of Immigrants and how it affects behavior of both parties

-Hate crimes and racism percentages and details against immigrants overall

-Racism and hate crime percentages against Americanized  immigrants

-Exploring and comparing the percentages to those who do not do these acts

-Deciphering if America really is the “Land of the Free” for immigrants through the data gathered on Americanized and normal immigrants

Working Hypothesis 1:

America is supposed to be home where people can fully express themselves through religion, speech, and many other ways. However, this has not been the case within the recent decades.

It seems counter-intuitive to promote America as this wonderful, and very open space, but go back on that when within the country. If our nation was to give off this embodiment of a truly free country, why is it only truly free to some people, and should be taken away from others?

https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/immigration/news/2011/12/15/10759/the-publics-view-of-immigration/  Gives some insight into this dilemma with some polling statistics on the subject of immigration. Having varying polls gives a good view into what both sides think of each other and on the subject at hand.

Working Hypothesis 2:

“The Land of the Free” does not mean people can do or say whatever they want, but it is one of the reasons hate crimes and racism can spread.

Whenever people claim “First Amendment!” it isn’t usually followed by the most pleasant of readings, but this has only been an issue as of recent years. Racial tension from immigration and Americas billowing ego touching other’s affairs has caused her people to produce some unsavory thoughts, and then express those said thoughts. Racism and Hate are claimed to be, by those who breed it, protected by the first amendment and mentalities of “We are the home of the free”  but that is not an excuse to to do these things, but they’ve become more common as of recent political changes. http://heinonline.org/HOL/Page?handle=hein.journals/nylr73&div=23&g_sent=1&collection=journals#

Studies on hate crimes show how and why they spring up. It also goes into detail of what hate crimes really do, for example increasing power of the racist power base by bombing churches.

Definition/Classification Statement 

Why the main goal of my second hypothesis is to determine that hate crimes come from that mentality, i could write several papers on how and why people abuse the first amendment in order to spread racism, misogyny, and bigotry .  Understanding how this works shows how immigration hate and the varying issues within my topic come about.

Cause and Affect Statement

Hate crimes and racism committed against immigrants stand on flimsy grounds for why they are executed, in this paper I will:

-explore the percentage of hate crimes done against both Americanized and Normal immigrants

-explore the reason behind them and find out how we’ve gotten to this point.

Rebuttal Statement

-The world is a mess of high tension and paranoia so we really cannot trust and just let everybody into our country

-Things like 9/11 were cause by Muslim extremist groups and could again if we are not careful

Current State of Research

I’ve begun to use the rabbit hole technique, in which i research a specific topic and just see where it takes me for information. I have a few none biased sources, a couple very left resources, and I’ve been putting off right sided sources to be honest, but they will be sought out eventually. With time dwindling I will be picking up my research pace.

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2 Responses to White Paper-Nickalodeansallthat

  1. davidbdale says:

    This is very rich, Nick, but more of a stew than it should be. I can’t tell what meat you’re using. See my advice about your Definition Argument (and everybody else’s) at the Help for Definitions page under the Models menu.

  2. nickalodeansallthat says:

    Single cause single effect:racism causes high tension in the US
    Single cause several effects: high tension causes things like violence, bitterness, and aggression on all sides
    Several causes single effect: racism and violence cause a divide within the country
    Causual chain: violence, bitterness, and aggression from the victims causes stereotypes to be born, which cause racism when believed
    Causual fallacy: violence is not always the direct result of racism

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