White Paper-starbucks

Content Descriptions

• Computer-ated learning
• Information abundantly available
• The digital age simplifies research methods
• Contribution of information can come from all over the world quickly
• Having so much information at hand can diminish requisite thinking
• A computer cannot replace the critical objective thinking of a human

1. Working Hypothesis 1:

It is commonly thought that the scientists and astronomers in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century were the most ingenious minds in history. During their time of learning there were no computers or internet to aid in their thought processing maturity.

Working Hypothesis 2:

With the aid of computers in modern society we have learned so many things that we never could have without the use of computers, such as numerous galaxies out in space.

2. Topics for Smaller Papers

•Definition/Classification Argument: For this I can explain how the great thinkers in times past could only rely on experiments and observations as opposed to having all of the technological advances at hand like today’s society.
•Cause/Effect Argument: For example, I could show how historical researchers passed on their discoveries from one generation to the next which resulted in scientists from different generations collaborating on research.
•Rebuttal Argument: I cannot dispute the fact that technology does offer many great benefits to enhance many learning capabilities.

3. Current State of Research Paper:

Considering that I recently changed my topic I feel that I have not gained enough research yet. I need to keep reading different articles to have the most efficient arguments I can for my side. With the little amount of research that I have done, I am already feeling pretty good about what I have found. So once I read more, I should feel confident that I will do well on my paper.

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1 Response to White Paper-starbucks

  1. starbucks732 says:

    1. X causes Y: Although computers are reducing people’s social skills nowadays, it helps us and makes things more accessible.

    2. X causes Y and Z: Calculators and tablets are now allowed in a lot of classrooms which is showing us that learning is becoming easier and taking much less effort, however, this is not true to every teacher and student.

    3. Both X and Y cause Z: Many people complain that children today are way too addicted to their devices causing them to have social skills but in order for this to have happened in the first place, a parent or guardian had to give their children these devices. So in the end, it is more the parents to blame.

    4. X causes Y, which causes Z: Computer-ated learning is causing many students to succeed more in the classroom but this may be what is causing them to lack in social skills. Many children spend their free time using technology and now that they use it in classrooms they may believe that having social skills is not as important.

    5. X does not cause Y: Using technology in the classroom will not help students actually know the information on their own. If they are succeeding with the help of technology, they are gaining much less knowledge than they would be without technology.

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