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Content Description

  • America professes to be a country that allows all faiths equal voice when it does not.
  • Legal bias to christian values
  • Historically america has had a bias toward christian white males
    • in terms of black christians
    • gay americans
    • women
    • native americans
    • those practicing another faith

Working Hypothesis 1:

In America there is a strong focus on portraying the country as providing a shelter from religious persecution with a strong resistance against tyranny to provide a safe place for all people.

All groups that are not described as christian white males in america are in some way prioritized less and face some version of oppression. Although a common mantra in america is “land of the free” it is constantly proved otherwise in the way Americans view and treat others that deviate from the norm. Historically there has been systematic targeting of groups that do not fit the mold of the standard american man.Christian ideals are also taken into account more so than any other faith in America even making its mark on legislation.

Contemporary Paganism : Minority Religions in a Majoritarian America by Barner-Barry C

Historically Christians throughout the world like most religions try to assume dominance when dealing with other faiths. This was no different in early America as Christians proselytizes those that have opposing views. The government of the United States itself has protected and promoted this kind of hegemony. Human beings naturally have the ability to differentiate between groups, christians did the same and in early America but considered all those that disagreed with the christians as being evil and on the side of destruction. Those that took their religious very seriously often did not think about the reality that other religions could coexist and often had ideas that led bigotry. These ideas were important to the American identity and tried to maintain the norm of christianity.

Working Hypothesis 2:

Christian ideals have shaped how the the United States operates from legislation that is even passed down and to social norms.

Christian virtues are evident in how gender roles and heteronormativity are easily accepted and identities that do not conform are often ostracized. During the civil rights movement for gay rights the main opposition for rights for the LGBTQ communities were christian ideologies that conflicted with the movement.

There has been  a mini Evangelical Reformation, as more studies of immigrant religion have come about. Groups were put together in study if they have similar class structures, identities,when they immigrated and religious practices. Different ethnic groups had different motivations for being christian and there involvement with the religion helped lay the framework for tensions that would later take place in America. Other ethnic groups even those that identified as christians were treated differently because they did not fit the idea of what an American is supposed to be.

Definition/Classification Statement 

The main goal of my second hypothesis is narrow down the topic to focus on one particular instance of christian hegemony.

Cause and Effect Statement

There are clear examples of how christian ideals are lauded over other identities in this paper  I will

-show how other identities are not represented

-those that go against christian ideals are persecuted against

Rebuttal Statement

It is not an obligation of white christian americans to conform and change society for other identities.

Current state of research

Im gathering information on sources to find specific points in history where christian hegemony is present and will explain my point accordingly.


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2 Responses to White Paper -Studentwriter

  1. davidbdale says:

    You’ve barely gotten started here, Studentwriter. You don’t have five sources yet and the Immigration and Religion source you link to is just a two-page review of a book. You should be much further along by now.

  2. studentwriter1212 says:

    The concept of superiority leads to the hostile division between groups

    The concept religious freedom can cause conflicts because of values that contradict prioritizing certain groups rights more than others.

    Mainstream Religious values and heteronormativity can cause lack of acceptance of gay citizens in the country.

    The tyranny of English rule gave the colonists the idea of the separation of church and state, in America today many abuse that same concept in order to not help certain groups who do not hold the same values as their religion.

    A lack of diversity causes racism.

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