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All across the world people have different views on what quality really is.  To the richest man in Japan, quality could be the finest and most expensive sushi available to him; or to an average man in Mexico, quality could be a car that is made really well .  Quality comes in different standards to individuals everywhere.  In each country across the would there are different things that are valued more than others.  For instance, in the United States healthcare is valued as a quality service that is provided to everyone.  This service is valued as something very important to people of all statures.

Every hour, every second, of everyday someone in the United States is receiving some form of healthcare.  America is equipped with thousands of wonderful doctors, nurses, technicians; you name it, this country has it.  In the land of the free, the universal healthcare system provided by our government is something that people all over the world envy.  Consider much poorer countries like India or Pakistan who do not have the privilege of being able to go to the minute clinic if they are feeling a little under the weather; think of how different it would be if you did not have a hospital right down the street from you where you could go if you became injured.  People all over the world live in severely worse conditions that we do in America.  That is why healthcare is something that the American government pays so much attention to; to make sure the quality of life here is as high as it can be.  Everyone deserves an equal quality of life in this country, no matter race or gender.  No matter what type of healthcare it is, if it is needed than it should be provided. 

In order to have the highest quality healthcare imaginable, many different aspects need to be looked at.  Under Barack Obama’s presidency, Obamacare was created which provided universal healthcare to everyone across America, and truly this was a great thing for the country.  It provided an equal quality of life for all Americans.  One institution that goes hand and hand with Obamacare is Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood provides quality sexual and reproductive healthcare to men, women, and teens all across the country.  It is an institution that really contributes to the quality of life here in the United States.  Planned Parenthood provides many medical services such as STD screenings, PAP smears, sexual education for teens, and the distribution of birth control.  This government funded institution is one of the parts of the United States that really contributes to quality healthcare for people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Recently, in the United States there has been government talk of repealing the  Obamacare Act.  If the Obamacare Act is repealed, this in turn will cause the defunding of government spending on Planned Parenthood.  This new bill that could be passed under President Donald Trump would truly impact the quality of life for Americans all over.  “The proposal would freeze enrollment in Obamacare’s expanded Medicaid program on January 1, 2020,” (Cornwell).  This proposal would severely affect the quality of life for many American citizens, and take away one of our most valuable assets as a country.  If this bill passes the quality of life for a large number of citizens in the United States will be affected in extreme ways.  There would be no more healthcare for those who cannot afford it, which would ruin the quality, as well as the equality of universal healthcare.  One of the most important things about healthcare in this country is that it is available to everyone.  If this service is no longer going to be accessible to the majority of people, than the quality of life in America is going to drop dramatically.

It seems not only would quality be affected for the consumers of healthcare, this act would affect job quality and availability for many doctors, nurses, and medical personnel the states.  “A central tenet of Obamacare is that people who have insurance will go to the doctor more, so diseases will be caught earlier and overall health care costs will be reduced. Because the law also requires physicals and other preventive care to be fully covered at no cost to consumers — providing they have insurance — it means more business for doctors,” (O’Donnell).  With less people having obtainable healthcare, that would mean there would be less business for doctors and hospitals.  This would dramatically impact healthcare in all aspects.  If doctors and hospitals are not creating business, than that would cause many to lose their jobs, as well as many hospitals to shut down.  One of the most important qualities of United States healthcare is that pretty much wherever you go there is a hospital or a doctor in the near area.  If the bill passes to get rid of Obamacare, than there may not be as many doctors and hospitals accessible to the people.  This movement would truly impact the standard of living in America.

Quality is something that the United States has always prided itself on.  We know that when something is created in America it is a quality product or service.  If the government chooses to end Obamacare and Planned Parenthood than quality will obtain a new definition in the United States.  What once was considered the American standard will cease to exist, and many peoples lives will be changed for the negative.  The freedom and access to exceptional health care services is one of the greatest things about this country, and the government should want these service to be attainable to the people.   

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    Chance, the usernames are important to protect your identity on the blog. Please stop putting your name and mine at the top of your posts as if they were physical papers. It’s a hard habit to break, I guess. I keep removing them. You do, however, need a title.

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    Chance, you have not asked for feedback on this essay, and have now received your preliminary grade. It needs considerable help. I have highlighted in red the material that should be cut because of its irrelevance. I have highlighted in blue the material that is repetitious. Feedback is always available, but it requires a dialog.

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