Class Notes for March Tue 21

– tricks the eye of the observer
– if you are different from what society calls “normal” would you be treated the same as someone who is “normal” when you fall

Casual Argument
– short argument due monday march 27
– cause and effort things happen because of past situations
– we make causation statements without realizing that were engaged in argument and proof
– types of causation
– complex webs of interconnected activities all with consequences. identify the most important causes for one effect
1. immediate cause= immediate cause and persistent conflict combine to create an episodic effect
2. remote cause= immediate cause but blames the remote cause
3. precipitating cause= underlying cause has its way with objects or events
4. contributing cause= mismatch in skill caused loss
– defend against oversimplification and false causation they occur together, correlations mimic causations

Correlation as False Causation
– demonstrate correlation not causation
– things that are together not always have a cause and effect

Single Cause with a Single Effect (X causes Y)
– personal but causes problems in professional life
– example: principles of a grammar school’s social media if inappropriate will be fired

homework exercise for thursday march 23

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