Technology’s Benefits in Society

Although technology is causing negative factors on certain things in society today, there are definitely benefits that it has as well. Thanks to technology and the internet, we are able to have information from all over the world at hand within the matter of seconds. Modern technology has improved communication, housing and lifestyle, and entertainment. Technology in the classroom has made students’ learning processes much more simple. It has also made social networking, such as meeting new people, a lot easier.

While the use of technology in the classroom can poorly affect students’ academic results, it has also been very effective. An issue today would actually be the lack of computers in classrooms. Computers give the teacher or professor the ability to use a projector to show what is on the computer screen on a wall to reflect a larger image for the audience to see. PowerPoint presentations have also been a huge advantage in the learning community. In these presentations, teachers are able to insert different links and videos for the classes to see, which allows them visual aid to help understand the topic they are learning. This tends to keep children’s attention span on track rather than getting distracted by something else going on in the classroom while a teacher is lecturing. PowerPoints are not only beneficial for teachers but for students as well. Usually if a student has a project to do that must include a visual aid a teacher would expect a poster, but with the help of these presentations, many teachers allow students to use this if they are not confident in their artistic abilities.

Not only are PowerPoints and projectors the only positive factors that computers in the classroom allow, but they give us access to the internet which is a huge plus. For research projects and papers, students are able to collect information easily, which may have been tougher to find without it. Teachers are now able to give tests and quizzes online which some instructors do not like to do, however, it makes it easier to grade at any time and reading sloppy handwriting would not be an issue. Other teachers use their classes on a blog and have their students submit everything through it. Some educators use online games as a new method of teaching. Not only does this allow students to learn the topic they are on, but it helps improve hand-eye coordination and motor control. This is a fun, easy way in getting students interested in what they are learning.

Not only has technology helped in the aid of teaching but one of the most important roles it has played would be in healthcare. Thanks to modern technology so many lives around the world have been saved. Medical equipment like minimally-invasive surgeries, better monitoring systems, and more comfortable scanning equipment is giving patients to ability to spend less time in recovery. Technology has made significant contributions to the medical field. With things like braces, MRI machines, prosthetic limbs, artificial organs, and more, it is impacting so many lives every day. Physicians are continually experimenting with new procedures to help diagnose, cure, and prevent all different diseases. With technology, vaccines have been made that produce antibodies fighting against diseases. There are a number of different vaccines for different diseases and they are saving lives around the world today.

Technology has also changed healthcare in the way that doctors and nurses are able to use hand held computers to record a patients’ data. With the ability of these devices, physicians have the ability to share the updated information with the person’s medical history immediately. With the expansion of software programs, the World Health Organization has been able to classify illnesses, their causes and symptoms into a database that holds over fourteen thousand individual codes. Technology as a whole is known to be considered the number one factor with improvements in healthcare.

Technology has also played an important role in safety. With the advancements in home and property security, it has been extremely difficult for criminals to perform activities without causing alarms. Nowadays, gates have become more common because they can be operated by security code, car recognition, and key fob. With improvements in camera technology it has been ensured that criminals cannot hide easily without being recognized. It used to be difficult to determine facial recognition because cameras tend to get grainy, but with advancements it is becoming more and more efficient. Cameras have also been made small enough so that they are not easy to find. Today alarms have been a huge success for safety reasons. If someone were to break into an alarmed house, the operator is able to alert the police without the criminal ever knowing.

Technological safety has also been useful in the workplace. If a worker ever needs to call for help, they are able to with radios. A lot of heavy machinery has been created with safety features such as, fall over protection systems and anti-slip steps. Three dimensional software has been created to give employees an idea of what their workplace looks like. This is done so be recording the same image from two different angles. With the use of smartwatches, employees are notified when they are over working themselves because these devices are able to monitor heart rate.

As noticeable, technology does have a number of a beneficial factors and the one’s talked about above are not the only positive outcomes it has caused. Although there are many bright sides to the use of technology, the negatives must stop going unnoticed. With almost every positive comes a negative and finding a way to solve these issues is a must. I would never be one to say that all technology does is harm our world today but I would also never look at only the useful outcomes. Technology has been extremely useful in the classroom and has helped in the healthcare field and safety, but it has also caused some students to struggle and unsafe situations.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m sorry, Starbucks, this will not do. You’ve obviously taken some time to gather illustrations of the benefits of technology, but there is nothing at all controversial about the claim that there are both benefits and disadvantages to technology. That’s currently the most popular “thesis” of high school compare and contrast essays precisely because it’s the simplest paper to write. So many versions are already available online that nothing new needs to be said. But any one of your illustrations (including the one I identified in your earlier essay) could be the source of interesting and counterintuitive observations worth writing about if you narrowed your focused to just one.

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