Reflective- Romanhsantiago

Core Value I, is the backbone of all writing. Writing is a process which involves peer review as well as self-reflection. This in term brings multiple stages for writing only one piece. Core value I is the main thing I have done in college. This semester I have had to formulate a counterintuitive idea. I then write about it from different angles later deciding which angle I want to focus on. After writing these papers i ask for feed back from my professor and revise my paper and submit them again. I later work toward formulating a final draft which would be my end product. It takes multiple stages and no paper is ever perfect but without the stages it would not be its best much like my research argument.

Core value II is a very important part of the writing process. Core Value II involves close reading and analysis to better understand text. This Core Value allows us to be adequately prepared for understanding and writing about our topic. I have demonstrated my use of Core value II  throughout the semester but most recently in causal argument. In my causal essay I had to read through many articles to really find what the cause of hate crimes was and the different degrees to the hate crimes are. After reading multiple articles and summarizing the main ideas, I ended up realizing i was writing about a much deeper topic in hate crimes. If I had not used core value II, the essay would have been very different and in my opinion earned me a lower grade.

Core Value III- Throughout this semester I learned that my writing has to fit the people that I intend to read it. This semester I found myself reading many scholarly articles that were written by scholars for scholars not for a freshman college student. Since these articles were not meant to be read by me I had to do lots of extra work to understand them and use them in my writing properly. Had they been written for me I would not have had to do that. During my research for my final paper I learned that part of the cause of hate crimes is influence by others by targeting the certain audience that will be influenced by it. I have demonstrated my understanding of this in my rebuttal essay when I don’t bash the opposing view because they are the audience i am trying to influence. I have also demonstrated this throughout my essays by quoting multiple sources and making my essay credible.

Core Value IV is mainly about understanding and utilizing the sources you find to be able to formulate the best writing possible. Through-out this semester I have utilized many types of sources from scholarly articles to newspapers and more. However, finding and choosing sources maybe difficult because not all sources are credible. Last semester I learned to find a good source I must use the CRAAP test which is a test that consist of five steps to help weed out the bad sources. The C stands for current as in the date of the source compared to the relevance of your topic. The R stands for relevance or how closely related the source is to your topic. The first A stands for authority or how credible the source, is it published research backed by facts or a blog that only gives a biased opinion. The second A stands for accuracy or how factual and relevant the information in the source is to your topic. And finally the P stands for purpose, so why the source is conveying the message that it is conveying. I later took the sources I found and cited them in different ways throughout my essay making my writing more credible and better. I did this for all of my sources.

Core Value V– I am a strong believer in that if something is easy it is not worth learning. Many of the issues and topics that I have written about this semester have no solution. For example, I wrote an essay about hate crimes. That is a very controversial topic and it has been a problem for hundreds of years. While writing my essay I did not offer a solution to end sexism because that would be impossible. However, I understand that by bringing awareness to the subject and educating people on what Hate crimes are and how it affects all people, it is a step in the right direction toward getting rid of them. The root of all hate is ignorance and the only way to cure ignorance is by educating people. We all have different viewpoints and there is no right or wrong because we don’t live in a perfect world. However, I simply try to educate and give an unbiased opinion to the best of my ability using facts and outside resources to back my belief. I do not bash the opposing one I simply offer it an alternative. For example, in my essay about hate crimes I wrote about how many people believe hate crimes do not exist. I did not bash that opposing view, I simply stated that Hate crimes are a very real and relevant thing in this world. To explain that to my audience I had many sources from which I closely read and analyzed to then form my own opinion on things and expand on the ideas of others, while still giving them full credit.

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