My Hypothesis-sixers103

  1. speeding in residential areas
  2. speed throughout residential areas and speed limits
  3. lower speed limits that will be able to control speeding
  4. having police officers stationed throughout residential areas to keep watch on drivers
  5. not only having police officers but having devices that can track how fast a person is driving when a police officer is not around
  6. by lowering the speed limit to 15 instead of 25 and having police officers/speed trackers on the signs itself, you will be able to control speeding very easily in residential areas
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1 Response to My Hypothesis-sixers103

  1. davidbdale says:

    I like the innovative topic, Sixers. It’s certainly worth pursuing.

    Now, is it unnecessarily complicated? Why BOTH the extremely expensive and unlikely police officers to patrol a hundred miles of residential streets AND cameras that could issue tickets automatically?

    When my car enters the turnpike at 7:00 am and leaves at Exit whatever at 8:15, my EZ Pass will automatically betray the average speed at which I was traveling. Couldn’t I be issued a ticket automatically based on that data? Cameras already catch us going through red lights and issue tickets by mail.

    I think your proposal is judicious but nowhere near as radical as reality is likely to be, and soon. What do you think?

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