My Hypothesis–bloomingmystery

1. The legal drinking age

2. The legal drinking age and the brain

3. The effects of the legal drinking age in connection to the brain’s long term function and development

4. Raising the legal drinking age to twenty-five would greatly decrease these long term effects on the brain

5. Raising the legal drinking age to twenty-five would create more physical, mental, and economical stability in the youth

6. Raising the legal drinking age to twenty-five to help decrease the damaging long term effects to the brain would result in the physical, mental, and economical stability of the youth

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5 Responses to My Hypothesis–bloomingmystery

  1. harp03 says:

    Hi BloomingMystery,

    I absolutely agree with everything you are saying. I think it would also increase general safety, and improve students’ productivity in all aspects of life because they are less inclined to drink (and do something stupid) than to be productive and do work. Also, your hypothesis is perfect for this assignment because it is definitely an argument, and to some it could be considered counterintuitive.

    I assume you chose the legal age to be 25 because that is when the female and male brains have generally both stopped developing. I agree that 25 should be the legal age of drinking, but someone could argue that drinking is still damaging the brain and causing long term effects, so why does there need to be a legal age, and why is 25 more significant than 30? At 30, one is still youthful, and at their peaks, mentally and physically. Why would we want to raise the legal age to 25 so that younger people are healthier, but allow those who are about to enter the primes of their life drink and begin to effect their long term health? Just a counterpoint to think about, maybe you already have an answer for it anyway!

    I would recommend looking at t

    • harp03 says:

      (Didn’t mean to post the last one yet)
      …looking at articles that explain the thought process behind other countries’ legal drinking age, especially because many of them are actually LOWER than America’s to begin with, let alone after changing it to 25. This may help you develop support to defend counterpoints.

      Overall, the steps you took to build your hypothesis up from a topic to an argument research assignment was great. I agree with your thoughts, so I’m looking forward to your paper about it.

      • bloomingmystery says:

        Hey Harp03,

        Thank you for your comments! The counterpoint you have offered is a great one for me to think about and get strong support as to why 25 would be a perfect compromise. Without looking at any sources and just talking personally here, I believe that for businesses like clubs, the appeal is usually targeted towards the younger crowd. In this case, 25 would be better than 30 because at 25, these businesses still view 25 as pretty young when compared to someone who is 30. Of course 30 is still young, but for the most part, a lot of people in their 30’s start to shy away from clubs and might head to more of the bar scene or just opt for drinking at home. Personally, I see 25 as the perfect compromise for both the brain and the club scene. The brain has stopped development and people at 25 don’t feel to awkward about going to a club to drink and dance, but they have that maturity now, well into feeling like an adult, that they may not drink as much so quick.

        I found the topic so interesting, looking into the way alcohol can stunt the brain development and harm people in the long run. Especially, like you said, for places where the legal age is at 18, significantly younger than that of turning it up to 25. It’s going to be interesting to delve deep into both sides of the argument and then look into the facts about how the brain works and develops over time. Thank you for your comments again, it was nice to have something to think about, especially that counterpoint that you provided.

  2. tenere84 says:

    I don’t have much to say about your argument or the topic themselves but for the sake of a better hypothesis I would look at 4-6. You should be narrowing down the topic into a hypothesis gradually but instead you merely divide your argument into two separate points in 4 and 5. In 6 you just combine them.

  3. a1175 says:

    I find this topic very interesting and I think you could do a really good job on this assignment with this as your topic. You also did a good job on breaking your ideas down into 6 parts, they are very easy to follow and understand. I look forward to seeing the information you come up with that will support your hypothesis.

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