PTSD Claims – Rose1029

“Brannan Vines has never been to war”

  • A woman named Brannan Vines has never been to a state of armed conflict between two nations.
  • This would be considered a Factual claim, it can be proven that she has never been to war
  • The author is giving the readers a known fact before proceeding with their discussion

“But she’s got a warrior’s skills…”

  • She has the skills necessary to efficiently fight and take part in armed combat 
  • It can be interpreted that she was trained to be a warrior, just did not go to war
  • This claim falls under the evaluative claims category because the writer is making a judgement on what Vines “has” based on her actions in the drug store 

“Skills on the battlefield, crazy-person behavior in a drug store, where she was recently standing behind a sweet lady counting out change when she suddenly became so furious her ears literally started ringing”

  • The author compares Vines to a “crazy-person” to make an Analogy Claim 
  • Also telling the audience that the older women causing Vines’ frustration is a “sweet lady” when there is no reason to believe what type of person she really is 

“Her nose starts running she’s so pissed, and there she is standing in a CVS. Snotty and deaf with rage, like some kind of maniac…”

  • Claiming that she can be compared to a maniac or a person showing wild behavior, notably violent and dangerous
  • The reason her nose was running was because she was furious, no other reason
  • She makes an Analogy claim by making a comparison to Vines as well as an Evaluative claim by analyzing the situation and making a claim based on the events.
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