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For my research essay, I will be discussing the idea of lengthening the NFL season and eliminating at least some of the preseason. I want to provide solid reasons on to why this idea makes more sense than the current schedule that the NFL currently uses today. I am going to argue that a change to the schedule will benefit players, fans and the entire business of the league. Four preseason games for NFL teams feels unnecessary for everyone involved and an extension of the regular season will definitely make the league more enjoyable due to the fact teams will have more of a chance to qualify for the post season tournament known as the playoffs.

1. NFL preseason expected to be shortened


Background: This article talks about the lack of fans attending preseason games because there is little to no interest in them. The top players sit out of these games to avoid injuries and there is no meaning to the game when it comes to winning and losing.

How I intend to use it: I think this article basically perfectly describes my argument so I will be using information from this link in my paper. The article also talks about the possibility of the league changing the schedule from 16 games to 17 or 18 games.

2. NFL, NFLPA reportedly making progress on new CBA that would expand regular season


Background: This article talks about talks about how the NFL has been trying to expand the length of the regular season for years now, but the NFLPA has continuously shot down the idea. Now, the NFLPA is considering the idea of expanding the season.

How I intend to use it: I will talk about in my paper how there has been disagreements between the NFL and NFLPA for quite some time now when it comes to the idea of expanding the regular season.

3. Roger Goodell repeats stance to shorten preseason


Background: According to the commissioner of the NFL, he is all for shortening the preseason just lik the rest of us NFL fans. Goodell stated in an interview that the league should strive to accomplish tasks at the highest level and he is not sure that the preseason is doing that right now.

How I intend to use it: This could help a lot in my paper because Roger Goodell is the commisioner of the NFL and if he agrees with the idea that I am proposing, then there is a high chance that changes could be made in the near future.

4. You absolutley don’t need four preseason games


Background: This article talks about how the current CBA for the NFL expires in 2021 and the new CBA will most likely feature changes to the NFL schedule. The writer even states in his first sentence of the article that the NFL preseason is trash. This shows that many people want changes to be made.

How I intend to use it: I can simply talk about in my paper how the new CBA will be agreed upon in 2021, and all signs point towards a new schedule being made. It seems that most people want a new schedule. Including the NFLPA who were originally against the idea.

5. What it would take for NFL players to agree on 17 game regular season


Background: This article talks about what the players in the NFL should fight for. Specifically more money and more health benefits due to the fact a longer regular season could potentially mean more of a chance starting players in the league can get injured.

How I intend to use it: This is arguably what it comes down to when deciding if the league should expand its season. The players have to feel that they are safe and once they do, I believe the changes will be made. I can talk about the benefits players will face when lengthening the season.

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