Causal Argument-Dancestar10

 Listen to music will give you health benefits 

Music has been here for many years. We use it  to occupy ourselves when we study or are bored or help us deal with emotions. Music is a lifestyle for many people. It helps them talk about issues and subjects they aren’t comfortable talking about with people or considered wrong in society. But did you know the music might be able to help with health benefits? This was due because of music therapy. Music therapy is used to treat patients suffering from a wild variety of ailments . Not only is it for treating emotional and mental issues but it has been shown to help treat patients who suffer from physical ailments , which is a big problem in society.

Mental health is a problem that has taken over society for many many years.Its not something you can just catch, it’s a problem that affects us globally. It is a problem with no solution because there is no known medication that you can take to make it go away forever .Many people are dealing with mental health issues but they have no way to cure it . It’s a problem that many people have to face alone and just pray that they can beat it. Music therapy has shown to help those with mental illness like depression trauma and schizophrenia. Music provides them with a chance to feel safe and comfort. It helps them be able to express their emotions and grief and also helps them process it especially for those who don’t know how to express their emotions in order to get help because it makes them feel weak and powerless. There are many ways to use music to help those with mental health but the ones that are mostly used are lyric analysis, improvisation music playing, active music playing, and songwriting. Lyric Analysis and songwriting encourages those to talk about topics that are hard to discuss. They can talk about what they have gone through or how they feel through song instead of physically talking to someone which might be hard for them since they might be talking about a traumatic event. Many artists use this kind of method today in some of their music. Improvisation music play encourages socialization. They can socialize by playing music together which can bring them comfort and relaxation because it also helps them know that they are not in this alone . Active music listening is used to control emotions or moods. It helps you relax and be calm. This method is something that many people use today. For example when someone is feeling sad they might listen to happy music in order to boost their emotions and feel happy again. Music also helps deal with anxiety. Having anxiety is basically being nervous all the time even about the littlest things but listening to music might be a way of dealing with it because it helps you calm your nerves in order to allow you to not overthink so much and help us not to be anxious all the time. 

As much as music helps mental illness it also helps physical illness. Music can lower the chances of having a heart attack or a stroke. Since music helps relax as it has shown that it could lower blood pressure and it can counteract the damaging effects of stress. Many people who have experienced a stroke have to deal with the side effects of losing their speech. They could sing their thoughts and memories until they are able to remember them without the melody.As many people already know music affects the brain . It helps brain development in children which can later benefit them in life. It also helps with dealing with pain. It helps them feel like they control their pain. Since there are many medications such morphine or pain killers or chemo already used to deal with physical illness, music therapy is not used as much to treat it as it is used to treat mental illness. It is still considered a great way to help prevent having physical illnesses. 

Even though some people are already using music therapy as a way to help mental illness and physical illness. I believe that more people should learn about it and they should teach more about it because it is a good way to help those who are in pain. Many people today are suffering with no way of helping their pain even though there is many medication that can help with pain, they still know they are in pain mentally. I think that music is a great way to help them relax and help distract themselves from the things that are stressing them and from the pain that is hurting them. We should consider using Music until we find a definite way of helping people with mental illness,stress, and anxiety. Music is a form of art that has been around for 1000 years. Everyone has their own style music that they make or listen to. It’s something that we used to entertain ourselves or other people at parties or events  but we never would have thought it would be something we could use to help us deal with mental and physical problems which is amazing. As we evolve and as the world evolves I hope we find a way to show people that music is truly a great way to help us deal with these problems because there are many many benefits of listening to music or creating music . 


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1 Response to Causal Argument-Dancestar10

  1. davidbdale says:

    DanceStar, I’m going to suggest you conduct for yourself the exercise I demonstrated on your Rebuttal Argument. Here’s the first paragraph to get you started.
    —Music has been here for many years.
    —It can help us deal with emotions.
    —It’s a lifestyle for some.
    —It can ease difficult conversations.
    —It has health benefits.
    —Not music, maybe, but music therapy.
    —Music therapy is used to treat patients suffering from . . .
    —. . . emotional and mental issues, even physical ailments.

    One complex sentence could handle that material easily, DanceStar.

    Your best strategy for revision will be to gather 10-15 scholarly sources that will support your thesis with LOTS of specific technical information. Without it, you generalize and repeat vague claims.

    Need help with that? I’m available.

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