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Heroin addicts committing crimes to support their habits is a huge struggle for Vancouver. The “free heroin for addicts” program is working hard to stop the addicts criminal actions, but the large crime rate continues. Daily activities such as jobs, interactions, and relationships are hard to maintain because of addiction. The addiction is causing the addicts to do whatever possible to satisfy that addiction. Breaking and entering and stealing are the main crimes being committed by the addicts. The problem with the program is that it won’t try to end the addiction, but only save the city from rising crime rates. Providing the drug reduces addicts using the streets to get drugs, which will prevent minor street crimes and also keep addicts out of hospitals. The program would reduce the addicts using unsanitary needles and drugs causing hospitalization, which then opens up spaces in hospitals. Giving addicts free heroin in the cleanest way will clean up the cities crime rates, but not the addiction the people are facing.

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