Robust Verbs – Tenere84

Heroin addicts have contributed a significant deal to the high crime rate in Vancouver. The newly established “free heroin for addicts” hopes to combat this problem by doing something counterintuitive: giving addicts what they want. Addiction makes it incredibly difficult for users to function in their daily lives. They struggle to maintain relationships and jobs. Long periods of withdrawal compel them to commit as many crimes as needed to get their precious drugs. Hospitals never see the end of the responsibility to deal with their mental and financial plight. But, with a program that gives heroin users drugs for free, perhaps they will. The “free heroin for addicts” program reduces crime by keeping addicts off the streets and minimizes the need for hospital admission by providing clean, regulated heroin. Although it will make Vancouver a safer place to live, it will neither treat addiction nor erase the personal struggles caused by it.

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