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Mushroom Tourism 

Everyone at some point in their life has wondered about what LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) (acid), Psilocin Mushrooms (Magic Mushrooms), or DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) do to the mind.  If they were legal, thousands of people would travel just to try psychedelics in a legal and safe environment.  So that’s what I intend  on doing, I am making a tripping facility called Trip Sitters.  Trip Sitters is a company that gives people a safe and regulated environment to experience these drugs.  These drugs are relatively harmless if done right which isn’t hard to do.  As long as you are in a healthy state with a good mindset and a trusted individual is watching, you should be in the clear.  

There are four steps in making an appointment.  You must have a background check with a psychiatrist to ensure you’re mentally healthy enough. You must provide a list of allergies to any medications, if any, to ensure that you may safely be dosed a trip kiler if needed. You must make your appointment a week in advance and really get your mind together. To help prepare yourself for your trip try meditation, listening to calming music, breathing exercises, and avoid any negativity.  If you have any small life problems such as a relationship issue please try and fix the problem before your trip as it can and likely will create unneeded stress which can induce a challenging trip.   We also encourage last minute cancellation with a small fee or free rescheduling because we find it very important that the customer has an opportunity to cancel if they are not in a good state and are emotionally ready.  

 Our number one concern is the safety of the customer.  We want them to be in a good mind set and make sure they’re in a good enough place to trip.  The Psychiatrist appointment is to ensure that the user is emotionally stable and ready for the experience.  The use of these drugs is a serious thing. They are like a mini vacation that lasts for only a few hours, but those few hours can feel like days.  When you’re tripping you have no sense of time, 5 minutes can feel like 2 hours or 10 seconds.  

Bad trips are part of the experience and they are not meaningless, if anything a bad trip can be one of the most powerful trips u can have because everything that happens in a trip is happening in your mind.  So this means that any problems you are having in your trip are already in your mind without you knowing and it takes the destruction of the ego to reveal them.    Bad trips “can unlock a door and show us secretive aspects of our personality or psyche or things that we need to heal in our life” (Psychedsubstance, 1:46).  But if you find yourself in a nightmarish terror trip that you can’t handle, we have safe trip killers such as Lorazepam(Ativan) and Diazepam(Valium), both drugs classified as benzodiazepines.   These are drugs that are typically used for anxiety. Once a trip killer has been orally taken and rubbed on gums it will take a few hours to fully take effect, but typically anxiety and paranoia will be slowly revealed as soon as the drug is taken to to the fact that you know your trip will be over soon and everything is going to be okay.  Due to Benzodiazepines being very addictive they are only used in emergency situations and will not be used by anyone that has had an addiction to benzodiazepines or has an addictive personality. 

The facility will have a very comfortable feel with 5 tripping rooms with a sitter for each room. Your trip sitter is there to tend you while tripping, they can bring you water or a snack, play whatever music you’d like them to, get u things to enhance your trip like kaleidoscopes and psychedelic picture books. They can also get the on site doctor if u think u may need a trip killer or are concerned that u may need to go to the hospital.  Each room is equipped with a bean bag, an incredibly comfortable couch, a TV with access to hulu, netflix and youtube, a bluetooth speaker, blankets, one time use eye masks, and plenty of things to feast your eyes on such as colorful tapestry, artwork by Alex Grey and even an outside garden area to look at flowers and enjoy the outdoors.  Smoking so both tobacco and marijuana is allowed but the mixing or psychedelics and alcohol is prohibited.  

We offer three different psychedelics, LSD, Mushroom, and DMT.  LSD being the most expensive because it is the longest and DMT being the cheapest.  LSD costs $620 per trip, it is $20 for the tab, $250 for the doctor, $100 to the sitter and $250 for using the facility.  Mushrooms cost $445, $60 for Mushrooms, $125 for the doctor, $60 for the tripsitter and $200 for using the facility.  DMT costs $175, $55 for the DMT itself, $50 for the doctor, $20 for the tripsitter and $50 for using the facility. Trip killers are not in the basic price because not everyone needs one, they cost an extra $75 but are covered by some insurances. Despite the cheapest option being DMT we do not allow people to try that their first time unless u have experimented with psychedelics before.  DMT is the most intense psychedelic experience one can have and is not for beginners.  You must have at least one other experience tripping before trying this drug.   

Trip Sitters brings an experience like no other.  The only place you can legally and safely explore your mind and see what it’s like is to live like the hippies of the 60’s.  Come explore and begin healing your mind with us.  Take a trip with Trip Sitters   


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  1. davidbdale says:

    It’s fun and fairly effective, KBF. The tone is definitely more commercial than academic, as we established would be the nature of this particular pitch. You’ll need to clean up the textspeak instances such as u for you and all other traces of non-conforming spelling and punctuation.

    You’ll also need to decide between 2nd and 3rd person. Currently your pitch wanders back and forth, sometimes speaking of policies toward “the customer,” sometimes advice to “you.” Either can work in a promotional pitch, but not a blend of the the two.

    Undoubtedly you’re aware how many loopholes you’ve included that will encourage potential customers to skirt the rules (by withholding their allergies, or failing to disclose their virgin status, or neglecting to resolve their court cases with their ex-spouses over abuse charges), but this is the business model you’ve chosen, so good luck enforcing your admonitions about proper preparation and precautions.

    To earn legitimacy, you’ll need to be more specific about the credentials of the doctors you’ll employ, and you would benefit from a more academic citation than a youtube video for the efficacy and safety of your trip killer antidotes. In fact, even though your particular assignment calls for a different approach than an academic essay, the citation and research requirements all still apply. You’ve made a good start.

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