annotated bib

“Shrooms High: What Does It Feel Like and How Long It Lasts.” Addiction Resource,

Background: this website has all the basic information you need to know about Shrooms

How I used it:  I used this site to find out the duration of a mushroom trip.   

“Lysergide (LSD) Drug Profile.” Lysergide (LSD) Drug Profile, 1 June 2018, 

Background: This site talks about the chemistry behind LDS

How I used it: I used it find the official chemical name of LSD and when LSD was Created

psychedsubstance. “How To End A Terror Trip Using ‘Trip Killers’ | Educational.” Youtube, 15 June 2019,

Background: This video talks about what trip killers are, what they do, and how to use them properly.  

How I used it: I used this to learn about how trip killers could be used for my business Editors. “LSD.”, A&E Television Networks, 14 June 2017,

Background: this goes into the long history of LSD. 

How I used it: I used this to find when LSD was created and other little facts about its history

“Witches, Bread and LSD: How a Poisonous Mold May Have Caused Hallucinogenic Hysteria.” Hopes&Fears, 11 Jan. 2016,

Background: This goes into the potential story of how Mushrooms caused the Salem Witch Trials

How I used it: I used it to support the idea that mushrooms could have caused the salem witch trial. 

Psychedsubstance. “What a Bad DMT Trip Feel Like.” Youtube, 14 Mar. 2019,

Background: He goes into detail about what could happen during a bad DMT trip.  What you could see or hear. What the build up feels like.  What you can do to try and help when your stuck in a terror trip.  

How I used it: I used this to describe what it can be like to be in a terrifying DMT trip.  

Psychedsubstance. “Testing Acid (LSD).” Youtube, 11 June 2016, 

Background: He talks about how to test LSD and potential fake LSD chemicals

How I used this: I used this to talk how about the dangers of the copy cat LSD chemicals

Freeman, Shanna, and Nathan Chandler. “How LSD Works.” HowStuffWorks Science, HowStuffWorks, 27 Jan. 2020,

Background: Goes into the background of LSD, how it was created and what it does to the body

How I used this: I used this just as a way to support facts and other things that I had said in my paper

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