Common Ground

   It seems counter-intuitive for homeless people to be living in an apartment complex, that makes it seem like they had the money to do so but chose to be homeless, but that is not the case in this situation. These homeless people living in this apartment complex are on almost a rehabilitation program.It is not their fault they are living like this, housing is way too expensive within big cities where homelessness is rampart, but that is where this apartment complex comes in. Why it is like a rehabilitation center is because these homeless people start out living for free, and eventually become low income tenants, which implies that after having a safe, steady home, less people can slowly integrate back into everyday society. It’s hard to get a job when you sleep on a bench and don’t have access clean water for showers and brushing teeth, but that is exactly what this apartment does. It acts as a grace period for the homeless to clean up, find a job, and then slowly become low-income tenants.

 Housing First

   It seems counter intuitive to travel around all over a city, or a state even, with a van full of goods, searching for homeless people. As vile as it is to imply doing charitable work is useless or not worth it, this seems very expensive and not worth it. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. It actually cost cities and states more to have people be homeless. This amount accrues thanks to fees, and complaints about the homeless, but Housing first is similar to”Common Ground” in which the homeless are put into apartments to live, the only difference is that housing first has “no strings attached”. This implies that the homeless can continue to live there, rent free. The money they earn would go to themselves for medication, food, and personal things. Giving the homeless a place to stay, for free, is far from counter-intuitive, it helps stop the homeless problem, and it keeps these people safe and secure.

Making Homelessness History

   It seems counter-intuitive for those with homes and a steady income to vie to put a stop to homelessness, but that is exactly what the “100,000 Houses Campaign” does for the homeless. The people in this campaign donate time, effort, and money to get these people housed so that the aren’t at risk anymore. The program works in tandem, or if not, similarly to the “Common Grounds” and “Housing First” programs. The essential gist of the program is that homeless people at the high end of the vulnerability index , The work of doctors James O’Connell and Stephan Hwang, which measure the risk of death for homeless people on the street; and get them into housing and to a medical facility. While all three programs focus on getting the homeless into houses,  the difference with this one is the program does not try and scoop a handful of homeless, those at extreme risk should and will be put into housing first.

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