It seems counterintuitive that Police would originally take away blankets and other belongings from the homeless when they want them to be safe and well in any harsh weather situations. In Los Angeles, homeless people are prompted to reach out and get a hold of lawyers since these unreasonable actions became too much. In one situation a women was left with pneumonia from the removal of her tent and blanket were confiscated from her. Now, the Los Angels City Council created a law limiting the amount of personal items they can have with them in order to leave enough room for others to roam, but at the same time have a place to stay. Meanwhile in Denver, the mayor has instructed officers to leave the homeless alone until April, when the weather starts to get better. Then, in Seattle, authorities failed to give the homeless citizens correct information on “personal property”, creating an ongoing dispute. As well in San Francisco, they only preserved 23 homeless peoples property, later causing arguments on whether or not these actions should be allowed. Unlike the other cites, Honolulu does not suffer any winters but, the homeless on this island still have to make sure they keep themselves cool enough and can do so if they were able to keep their tents.No one can seem to find a law acceptable to keep everyone safe to their best ability.


It seems counterintuitive that housing the homeless does not necessarily diminish the problem of being homeless. We think we know what is right in order to help them, but we really do not. Giving them a home is only step one, but does not entirely fix it all. Having  a home available eliminates part of the challenge, but is we still need to find what to do from there.  A big percentage for reasons why people are homeless are the brain injuries they acquire. These injuries leave them with no job, excessive behavior, and mood swings, making it difficult to live a “normal life”. So, once they are available to live in a home they  are in a better environment to rebuild their life. but it does not stop there. If it has been months or even years, people are unaware of what it is like to be living in a home and having own responsibilities. They need some time to adapt to the living situation and the support for any illness and problems they will go through along the way. Helping the homeless in any way will only help them get back on their feet in order to help get their life in a better place.


It seems counterintuitive that as a President, he would want to help make each state better, but at the same time cut federal funding making problems worse. With the help of the federal, state. and local organizations, homelessness is declining in many communities. When people hear Trump is planning on cutting government spending, all they can think of is the budget cuts from the 1980’s, which we still have not recovered from. That, right there, should be a red flag as to why it is a bad idea. If money is being cut from the federal funding, that leaves a decrease in money distributed to cities and nonprofit organizations where they help the people in need.  Homelessness is the mishap from the lack of access to affordable housing. So, in order to end homelessness, it is about increasing affordable homecare solutions. If this funding continues to get cut, the less money their is to distribute and the more the homeless crisis will only worsen.

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