Visual [Redirect] Rhetoric—nickalodeansallthat

0:01: The video begins with a native american male on a traditional style conoe rowing in what appears to be a lake within a forest.  Judging by his garments and the way the sun is angled it looks to be around fall/winter time.

0:02:The next second reveals some brown leaves meaning it its closer to fall, but there also appears to be something next to the mans head, now it could actually be something or it make be the way the light is hitting him, but the angle of the camera reveals that we will get a full scene shot soon or a close of of the man himself

0:03:again similar to shot two, nothing new is reveals, however the man is almost complete with one cycle in the paddling of the canoe

0:04: The camera is mid transition in this second, and it is in fact going to zoom into the mans body and the boat.

0:05-0:10: The camera angle changes a few times to allude to the fact that the man has been rowing for a long while now. this can also be seen with the sun appearing to go down within these shots.

0:11-0:14: A new factor has been added to this mans journey, the paddle, in the shots, is next to some trash within the water. the camera zooms in on the trash showing that its some kind of bag or plastic that just floats in the water. it alludes that it has been there for a while because the garbage looks soaked, and has a deeper colour.

0:15-0:18: What a surprise you can see square shadows on the water at first and then as the camera zooms out the man apparently has rowed into an industrial dock type area. there are looming cranes and visible smoke emitters withing the show by second 18,and they’re are tall dark buildings in the background, with a dark gray sky, a direct difference from the first shot where the sun was pretty visible.

0:19-0:25: How horrible, within these few seconds we see the shadow of the man and nothing but factories and smoke stacks in the background. It appears to be a strip of dark buildings doing nothing but releasing smoke while the sun shines down on the man creating this shadow, literally, of doubt to what alludes if humans can reverse what they’ve done here.

0:26-0:36: This segment starts out with the camera facing the front of the boat,which implies that it will be coming to a stop soon on land, and what a horrible place for the boat to wash up on. towards the end of this segment the man lands on a dark, trash covered beach, where he appears to stumble out of disbelief. After looking around briefly, he begins to walk towards mainland where he leaves the cameras shot.

0:37-0:42: As the man walks up his head is facing west, this implies that we was looking at the city that was in the background a couple of segments ago, but as hes doing this something blurry is within the back of the shot. It is soon reveals to be a highway, with many cars driving towards said city, emitting smoke, and being loud, mobile polluters.

0:43-0:50: As if it couldn’t get any worse the man turns his head towards the highway and as he does a car drives by and throws his trash out the window landing right at the Native Americans man feet. The trash scatters, showing that it was a fast-food meal of some sort. There were a few fries, a fry holder, and some burger wrappers, along with a cup and the bag it came in scattered about at the Natives feet. As the camera pans up, it zooms into the Native mans face, and what is rolling down it? A single tear, the man has become upset to the point of tears at the way people have been treating the earth and using it as a trash disposal. these end segments are a foil to the beginning  segments. These are dull, dreary, dark, and has things like trash and visible smoke, while, in the beginning, there was nature, the sun shining, and clean water. this really elaborates the point that pollutants act destructively fast.

0:51-1:00: This last segment shows a pamphlet that reads ” 71 things you can do to stop pollution” and shows the location you can pick it up, which is radio city in New York City, and gives a number you can call. the last couple seconds shows a black screen with white text that simple reads “Keep America Beautiful”.

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1 Response to Visual [Redirect] Rhetoric—nickalodeansallthat

  1. davidbdale says:

    This is strong work, Nick. Just a couple comments on your first entry, one of which will apply to all your entries. One paddles—not rows—a canoe. When you say “judging by his garments,” you’re making an impossible demand on your readers, who cannot see what you’re describing. Unless I’m mistaken, you don’t once mention that the paddler is wearing fringed buckskin, but that fact certainly contributes to the experience of the viewing. For awhile, we think we’re watching a re-enactment of an historic time when Native Americans canoed through unspoiled waters. Those garments and the feather in his headdress carry most of that message. Without that expectation, the sudden shift to a despoiled industrial waterway would lack most of its power.

    See if that helps you revise your post.

    Provisional Grade at Blackboard

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