Visual Rhetoric-dunkindonuts10


0.01-  This video starts off with two glasses being shown, moving closer to each other in slow motion. These glasses are looked like there is wine inside. They are pretty full and seems like it is two friends meeting to have a drink. The background is dark around the outside then lights up in the middle of the screen to the hands with the glasses directly across from each other.

0.02- 0.06- Still in slow motion, the glasses just keep moving closer and closer to each other, where they look as if they will eventually hit. The so-called wine is moving around in the cup, but not spilling over. The background stays the same throughout the whole time. Looks more of manly hands than a woman’s hand, with no rings and/or other jewelry visible yet.

0.07- Glasses finally hit each other while still moving in slow motion, but when they do they crack and drink begins to spill out. Every piece of glass is falling apart, flying slowly away. Seemed like they were not hitting each other that hard, but did end up breaking the glasses either way. Still no faces visible, just hands, with the dark and white background.

0.08- Hands keep getting closer to each other, while the glasses are still breaking with the drink spilling and glass dropping. No movement has been stopped and nothing has came to help with the crashing.

0.09- Glasses are now completely broken with broken pieces flying everywhere and the drink going in every direction. The hands finally start to move away from each other still in slow motion. At the same time, the picture is getting closer to the hands and glasses.

0.011- 0.13- Camera has moved closer to the hands and accident where we are able to see all the wine spilling, making its way onto the other set of hand to where it eventually has all fell apart. Camera zooms in to the middle where the cups are cracked and drink is flying out.

0.14-0.16- Looks like the same set of hands but are now holding a mug filled with beer. Still moving in slow motion, no changes to the hands or surroundings with the background remaining the same. Hands are in the same place as the previous set and the mugs look like they have a symbol on them, maybe a college logo.

0.17- 0.20-Mugs crash into each other again in slow motion, causing the drink and glass pieces to start flying everywhere. The hands stop moving towards each other once they hit ones-other mug. Now the second time this is happening , seems as this is now being done on purpose. The camera once again zooms into where the crash happened and the drink exploding.

0.21-0.22-More liquid is flying around before, causing more of a mess/damage. The camera its closer and closer as if it is trying to see something specific.

0.23- Same hands appear, in the same place and background, but with a different cup and drink this time. Hands move quicker towards each other this time, but still at a slow pace. Cups are smaller but still almost full with liquid. The hands are still going at each other like the other two times. A third hand comes into the video and starts to grab the cup on the left. Looks like it is trying to stop anything from happening. The third hand was very fast to act as if it was trying to stop the crash to happen again.

0.24-0.30- Hand grabs ahold of the cup on the left to stop it from crashing into the other. Drink in the left hand does spill a little but does not do as much damage as the past times. The two glasses did not even manage to hit this time resulting in no damage. Message appears on screen “Drinking and Driving can kill a friendship”. The overall messages reflects the fact no matter what drink is in the cup, the cups will still manage to hit. As when the second pair of drinks hit, it appeared to be on purpose. Overall showing, the same outcome will take place no matter what kind of drink you decided to have. No alcoholic drink is safer than the other.


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3 Responses to Visual Rhetoric-dunkindonuts10

  1. davidbdale says:

    Some observations for your next draft, Dunkin.

    Is it obvious from the speed of the wine waves in the glasses that the first “toast” is being screened in slow motion? If so, does that have any impact on our viewing? Are we surprised, perhaps, that a collision that seems to happen at such slow speed could have such a violent result? Or does it suggest anything about how drinkers perceive how fast or slowly things (like driving in traffic) are happening? As we proceed through the series, is there significance to the beverage choices? What does it suggest about who is most likely to drive drunk?

    While the questions I asked could not be answered by a report of ONLY what appears in the frame of the video, they can be answered by any viewer who has watched it. The impressions we form while we watch the visual argument are EXACTLY what you have to report if you’re going to explain the rhetoric of this visual argument. So please share those impressions, and how you received them from watching.

    Provisional grade at Blackboard.

  2. dunkindonuts10 says:

    I have updated my comments adding in the hands moving in slower motion and if the speed changes. In the end I talked about how no matter what was in the cup, the same outcome happened. Relating that back to no matter what you drink, nothing is safe to drink and drive.

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