Visual Rhetoric- Green Eggs and Ham


We see an elderly man staring of into the distance. On the screen, “Harvey Lauer since 1933” appears. Harvey Lauer is probably the man’s name. As he stares off into the distance, he may be thinking about his life, and the journeys it has taken him on. If not life, he looks like he is thinking about something in depth. There is something an object in front of him, however it is to blurry to tell what it is at this point.

The background is blurry as well. It looks like the sun is beaming into the room the man is in. Behind him is a plain gray wall. Possibly the man is in a waiting room of some sort.


The man’s head has moved, like he is moving from side to side. The object in front of him is more visible, it looks like he is pulling it, which is causing him to sway his head. The man is still staring off into the distance, so he still may be thinking about something. The background still hasn’t changed


The camera becomes further away from the man’s face. So the object is visible, it looks like an Accordion. He is still staring off into space, looking rather lonely. So he is probably practicing by himself. The background is still not visible.


Nothing much changes in this shot. The man’s hand has now become visible. It is also definite that the man is playing the accordion


The camera is backed off so now the mans entire body is visible. He is playing a rather large accordion that looks old. He probably has had the accordion for many years. He is possibly very good at playing it then. He is still staring in the distance, but now it looks like he is staring at a certain object. He is wearing a blue plaid shirt and navy blue dress pants.

Now you can see the entire background. There are many pictures on his on side. Possibly pictures of is family. It looks like a living room of some sort. There is a couch, shelves with the pictures. It looks like there is a rug as well. Also in the background is a piano. So he is possibly a very accomplished musician.  It is also probably the living room of his house. He possibly has lived there for awhile, and has raised a family in the house. Possibly those pictures in the background are of the family he has raised.


Nothing much has really changed in this shot. His hand moved down the accordion, so he is definitely playing the accordion. He is staring more in depth at whatever has caught his attention.


More photos have become visible, as the camera has zoomed away from the man himself. His mouth has now opened, possibly he is singing as he plays the accordion. He is still staring in the distance.


The mans has looks like he has zeroed in on the object he is looking at in the distance. His mouth has closed, so possibly he has said something in the last sequence. There are some paintings in the background that have now become more visible. The room has a “homey” feeling to it.


Nothing changes in the sequences, other than the accordion moving as he plays intensely.


The camera has now zeroed in on his hand. He has a wedding ring on, so he probably made a life with his wife in that house. All of those pictures are possibly those of the family they raised. He still looks lonely, so possibly his wife has died. As this is going on, he still is playing the accordion.


Now it shows a picture of him and a women who possibly is his wife and another couple at a meeting of some sorts. This is probably one of the pictures from the background, going into his life’s detail. The meeting was probably some sort of organizational him and his wife were apart of. He possibly looks lonely because the picture reminded him of their life together.


The camera is focused back on the man, centering right under his neck. All his chin and neck wrinkles become visible from up close, showing his age. The plads of his shirt are more visible. He is continuing to play the accordion.


His eyes are visible, and he is still staring off into the distance. Now he looks confused as he stares at whatever he is staring at. Possibly he is staring off into space, and something reminded him of something that confuses or upsets him. Even though he looks confused, he is continuing to play the accordion.


The camera is now outside of a house, most likely his. It is a brick and white townhouse. Outside, it’s a beautiful sunny day, the grass is green just what the perfect day looks like. A women is walking in the front door, holding a brown paper bag.


The women has opened the front door, and the message, “America, Let’s do Lunch” appears on the screen. The meals on wheels logo appears on the screen, so the man was getting a lunch from meals on wheels. This was an ad showing a story of one of the people benefited from the great organization that meals on wheels is.

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2 Responses to Visual Rhetoric- Green Eggs and Ham

  1. davidbdale says:

    I like your work here, Green Eggs, but you missed an important clue. At 00:16, in that photo of Harvey and his wife, both he and she are reading with their hands from special spiral-bound copies of a book. The open bible on the mantel, the flag with the -RCH, the candles, all indicate religious observation. The other couple can see (the woman makes eye contact with the camera, the man is clearly engaged with the blind couple). The sighted man has an open book before him, probably the traditional text the blind couple reads from in braille.

    In retrospect, what do we now think about the neatness of Harvey’s home, and the presence of all those photographs? Are they for him or for sighted visitors?

    Just a few things to keep in mind as you make your revisions.

    Provisional Grade at Blackboard

    • greeneggsandham234 says:

      thank you for the advice, I will edit and fix the mistakes. I must have missed the neatness and book clue as well so thank you for pointing that out

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