Visual Rhetoric—Chippy

0-01: There is a decent sized house with a car that has four doors and three of them are open and then they close shut by the people inside. There is also a basketball net in the driveway so a family with children probably lives in the house and that is probably who is in the car. This also emphasizes that the children are athletic. There are trees also in the background and there is a clear sky so the family is probably going somewhere together. The car is backed into the driveway so it seems as if the family was loading the trunk of the car to go somewhere. There is no brand on the front of the car, so this makes it clear that it is not a car commercial. The house and the car makes it seem like the family comes from the middle class.

01-03: We are now able to see inside the car and there are two young boys in the back seat fighting over something and there is another girl in the way back seat who seems around two years older and she has headphones in listening to music and seems to be chewing on something. The boys seem to be yelling at each other over what they are fighting for. They are both pulling on whatever it is they are fighting for. The boy on the right is wearing a soccer jersey so the family must be going to his soccer game. The girl in the back has red drumsticks in her hands and is banging them on the seats not paying attention to her brothers.

03-05: The camera zooms in on the girl in the back and she seems to be really into her music her eyes are basically closed and her head is nodding up and down. We can assume she has the music on loud. Then the camera zooms into the driver seat where there is a man with his seat belt on who is probably the father of the children in the backseat. He seems concerned and stressed out.

05-07: It is still focused on the dad and then you see the girl raising her hands in the air in the backseat like she is dancing. Then the camera switches to her and she is blowing a bubble out of her gum with her eyes closed. She seems relaxed and unaware of her brothers fighting still.

07-09: The camera moves to the boy on the right and it looks like he is screaming at his other brother because he looks up at him. The camera then switches to the passenger seat and there is a women with short hair and glasses who I assume to be the mother. She seems to be looking up at something and it looks like she is looking at her children through the rear view mirror. She is almost smiling and then it looks like she is about to say something to her children. Then it switches to the rear view mirror where the father is looking directly into the camera but probably is looking at the children. He seems like he is waiting for something. In the back you can still see their house so that shows that they have not yet left they are still sitting in the driveway.

09-11: The camera switches from the dad to the girl who is blowing a bubble and then it pops. Now we see what the two brothers are fighting over it is a bag of cheetos and they are pulling on either end of it squinting their faces so they must be pulling on the bag hard. The bag busts open and cheetos start to fly all over the car and the boy on the right starts to smile.

12-17: The cheetos are flying all over the car still and the camera turns to the dad and he is watching the cheetos fly over his shoulder in front of him. He has a small smile on his face. The boys start to yell and argue in the back and you see the mother turn around and the sister seems to have noticed what happened. The mom probably turned around in anger because of what just happened.

17-20: The mom seems to have said something and the kids look up at her and then the camera switches to her talking to them with a serious look on her face. You can see her mouth the word “now” slowly and then the kids stop what they are doing and all turn to the side and grab their seat belts.  She seems irritated and annoyed at what just happened. The girl in the backseat also puts her seat belt on but she still has her headphones on so she probably knew what her mother was going to say without having to hear it. We can assume that the mom asked them to put their seat belts on now. This shows that the children are used to being told to put their seat belts on because the girl did it without hesitation while listening to her music.

20-24: The camera zooms into the boy in the soccer jersey putting on his seat belt and fastening it correctly. Now we see the dad who is now smiling and the mom looks annoyed as she wipes a cheeto off of her shoulder. The dad blows out a deep breath almost like in relief and grabs the steering wheel. Now that everyone in the car has their seat belts on the dad is probably about to start driving.

24-30: The dad looks more relaxed and the camera zooms out so you see the car finally pulling out of the driveway and driving away and then the words “Never give up until they buckle up” which shows that this was a video that reminds everyone to always wear a seat belt and to not drive until everyone has one on.

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3 Responses to Visual Rhetoric—Chippy

  1. davidbdale says:

    Nice work, Chippy. You don’t seem to have much of a handle on how the parents are feeling at any time here. It’s difficult but not impossible to describe how people feel based on the visual evidence. You might try that. You could also offer an opinion about how things SOUND inside the car (and perhaps the video) based on what you can see. I ask particularly because the girl’s headphones suggest that mom and dad have to listen to things the daughter has blocked out. You might also have to explain how she knows to fasten her seat belt if she can’t hear mom’s command.

    Provisional Grade at Blackboard

  2. chippy1313 says:

    I added some information on how the parents were feeling in the seconds of 7-9, 12-17, 17-20, and 20-24. I also included my opinion about the sound and that she was unaware of what was going on in the car while the parents seemed irritated and also that she knew to put her seat belt on without having to hear her mom say it. This was in the seconds 17-20 also

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