Visual Rhetoric—studentwriter

We are America Ad Response


The video begins in some kind of novelty store. The store is selling patriotic American items. There is a lifelike doll that that the video is focused on has a likeness to “Uncle Sam” his hat is red, his beard is white paired with the blue sweater he is wearing symbolizes the United States.  Behind him there are red white and blue outfits next to the classic 5 pointed American star. The commercial then pans away taking the focus to a normal sidewalk with American flags hanging from streetlights and a wooden American flag stuck to the wall.  John Cena appears walking next to a pizza and beer sign two food items related to American culture. John Cena is a  strong white man wearing a navy blue shirt appealing to the audience’s sense of American masculinity through his wardrobe choice and his size. His eyes are looking directly at the camera his shoulders are rocking back and forth to suggest that he is having a leisurely conversation with the audience.


John Cena is still walking speaking in a casual manner but his facial expressions are those of someone trying to persuade. There is a man playing drums on a garbage can behind John Cena expressing himself a freedom associated with American ideals. There is a woman in the background to showcase how this walkway is in a neighborhood that has a normal sized population. Her face is not in focus to show her lack of  importance.  As John Cena keeps walking past another store down the sidewalk another woman appears walking out of the store closer to John she has a red dress and an american flag bandanna expressing the american theme present in this video. There are a rack of clothes for sale that appear after the woman in the red dress. This detail show how this town is a place of commerce. A man on the opposite of the clothes rack is drinking a coffee implying he is a working man looks at the clothes with interest as John continues to talk. The light posts in the background are the same color as the statue of liberty. The brick  building also remind the viewer of colonial america.


As John Cena keeps walking there is a man facing the opposite direction walking back with a backpack which insinuates he’s either a student or someone that has some kind of responsibility. As soon as this man leaves there is a small girl in a wheelchair behind John who looks like shes trying to see the camera from behind John. Shes wearing a darker red. Her presence is to show the contrast between John and the girl while all of it is still considered American. This is implying diversity to American identities. The man that was previously looking at the clothes is now talking to the little girl. showing how there is communications between these different identities. these people are walking are reorganizing into a parade behind John. as they all line up the sunlight hits John Cena as soon as he finishes his sentence.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    That’s very fine work, Studentwriter. You blew my mind with your streetlights the color of the Statue of Liberty. I also greatly admire your description of the pedestrians forming a parade behind John Cena. Fix your punctuation in the last paragraph, and spend a moment explaining how an audience reacts to the presence of a recognizable celebrity in a video (as differentiated from the same video if it featured an unknown face at the center). What’s the tone, the best you can tell? Comical? Serious? Preachy?

    Provisional Grade at Blackboard

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