Visual Rhetoric—romanhsantiago

Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up, Seatbelt Saftey

0:00- This video starts off with a family sized SUV on a clear day, Parked in the drive way of a suburban home. When looking at the details of the still image it shows a suburban style home with a drive way with a basketball hoop in it, which can be typical of middle class suburbia homes.

0:02- Fast forward to two seconds we are now inside the vehicle in what seems to be the back seat of the SUV. Here we see two boys and a girl most likely siblings. The two boys are sitting together in what seems to be the second of three rows in the SUV. One of the boys who seems slightly older than the other boy is sitting to the left side of the screen. He appears to be taking something from his younger brother and the younger brother is resisting. They are clearly having some sort of altercation. In the background out of focus we see a young girl who I assume to be their sister who seems older than them but still definitely young. She is paying no attention to the two boys and she seems very distracted which implies how independent and to herself she is. She chooses to listen to music through her red headphones as the boys fight.

0:05- At this moment in time we are introduced to a new person. There is a man who looks like he can be in his early 40’s in the driver’s seat. He has a look of distress on his face some clues of this are his tense mouth and  blank stair in his eyes.The man seems to be bothered by the children’s commotion in the back of the car. In the background out of focus we see the kids in their commotion.

0:08- At this moment we are introduced to yet another person. This time a women sitting in the front passenger seat of the SUV. At this point i think we can conclude that the individuals in the SUV are a family. We see the mother looking in the direction of the rearview mirror. She has her mouth slightly open indicating that she is giving some sort of instructions to the kids. I assume she is trying to control the situation going on behind her.

0:11- The camera is now panned back to the two kids and we see what the boys were fighting about. They are pulling apart a bag of cheese puffs while arguing who gets it. We see the bag ripping and the cheese puffs being spilt.

0:15- We again begin to see the father and he still has the same distressed look on his face,however he does not seem angry. I think he is trying to maintain his composure, but i also feel like he just does not know how to react to this situation indicated by the blank stair in his eyes.

0:17- The mother finally seems to have gotten the attention of all the kids in the back we see the two boys stop and look at her and the girl in the back opens her eyes to see what is going on. Clearly the mother had to raise her voice because the girl’s attention was caught while she had her headphones on.

0:19- The mother is the only one in the frame and she has her mouth open indicating that she is giving some kind of order she does not seem pleased with the children she has a look of annoyance.

0:22- at this moment the screen is paused on an image of one of the boys putting on his seatbelt. This leads me to believe that was the order their mom gave them and she clearly showed her dominance because they listened to her immediately.

0:23- At this time we see the camera move to the front seat where the father seems to be smiling at the mother in the for of gratitude for making the children calm down and follow directions. The older son in the back seems to be calm ad in place.

0:28 – Here we see the car driving away and we see the overall message of this video. Seatbelt saftey is very important and no parent should ever begin driviing without insuring that their children are buckled in.


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  1. davidbdale says:

    Last week in class, I offered the following review of your classmate’s first draft of the first second of this very video, Roman.

    This is fine as far as it goes, Starbucks, but imagine you are the reader, not the viewer, totally dependent on the author (that’s you!) for every detail. You need to communicate not just the visible images but the inferences we draw when we see them. Directors with a good budget who have only 30 seconds to tell a story don’t waste a single frame. Tear this thing down as if every leaf on the tree was intentional.

    Some of the details will turn out to be irrelevant, perhaps (maybe the time of day isn’t important), but we don’t know that while we’re watching. So report it anyway.

    0:00: A late-model four-door car in very good condition is parked in a driveway facing the viewer. All four doors are wide open. We cannot determine the make or model of the car because the emblem on the grill is indistinct, so we conclude this 30-second spot will not be an ad for a new car.

    Both the car and the house indicate a well-off owner or family lives here in a prosperous leafy suburb. The sun casts angled shadows on the well-maintained house, so it is either mid-morning or mid-afternoon. The sky is pure blue and cheerful.

    Oddly, the car has been backed in from the street toward the garage. The only reasonable explanation is that the driver wanted to load or unload something from the trunk, into or out of the garage or house. A nice glass basketball hoop with a fresh net faces the driving, giving the clear indication that athletic kids live here.

    I would make the same observation about your own first second analysis. A really good analysis will find much more to say about the visuals in this video.

    Provisional Grade at Blackboard

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