Proposal and Purposeful Summaries- green eggs and ham

America deems itself the land of the free, but in actuality that is not quite so. Throughout history, America has been the land of the free when convenient. Throughout American history people have been oppressed for their race, religion, gender, and many other things. African Americans have been forced into slavery for the first 100 years of American history. Native Americans have been forced out of their habitat. Women have had numerous disadvantages to fulfill their full potential. Even today, the first amendment right isn’t fully true. As people have been jailed and executed for simply comments. America hasn’t been quite the land of the free, and everyone has felt it. It is counterintuitive that the so-called land of the free isn’t quite free.

American Journalsim is protected by the first amendment, however lately it has been under extreme scrutinization for exercising this right. President Trump has recently attacked his critizers such as, CNN as “fake news” or recently “really fake news”. The article goes into detail on why this has happened, and in some aspects why the President is correct. The rise of social media has created news sources that are creating fake stories. The news outlets making falsiehoods which are hurting those actual news sources. Which is ashamed because we as people look to the news to keep us informed.

America has always been the land of the free for all of its citizens, even the new ones. However new immigrants are dealing with harsher realities then recent immigrants. Even though immigrants have always been fourth with hatred and anger today’s are dealing with new lows. Economic I told of racial harm free has created these problems for newer immigrants.

– Racism and Sexual Oppression in Anglo-America

In Anglo America,oppression has been going on for generations. This oppression has always mattered on one simple thing, genealogy. Many races and gender have been oppressed simply because of who they are, their genes. They are discriminated against and segregated. African Americans were forced into slavery, women forced into house work among others. Being oppressed due to race and gender doesn’t seem free to me.

Also like race and gender, money makes the land of the free mean different for everyone. As income equality drops drastically,  the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, America has another flaw. The rich have countless more freedoms due to their money, even though we are all supposed to be equal. It has been increasingly difficult for poor to become rich, which America prided itself to be the best country for.

America has been becoming increasingly tyrannical as people are now being arrested for exercising their freedom of speech rights. Citizens are being called terrorists for simply stating their opinion, which is a first amendment right. The secrets service can now arrest anybody the feel should be, even if they have done nothing. This is all groups that are feeling the effects of this. So we as the people need to take this seriously on are rights of freedom being



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