Polio notes-studentwriter

White paper is preliminary and a good place to try out new ideas

this white paper will show how the paper is progressing

reflect the messiness of the thought process

stream of conscience method

its easier to trim down than write meaningless sewntences to fit the word limit

keep ideas focused

3000 words

collect sources

read sources

write about sources as I read them and collect new sources

Write organized essay

Endlessly revise

thinking does not occur in the reading process. We only react,mostly arguing with the text.

Practice Opening

Even though the world has more than enough resources to eradicate polio, the disease will never be completely gone. Polio vaccinations historically create distrust within communities that need the immunization the most. Political unrest and wars provide a way so that the disease can continue to keep killing children. The current vaccination method takes three drops of the vaccination on the tongue and there is a risk for paralyzation. One out of three million children will be paralyzed and ethically that is not acceptable. The countries that are riddled with these diseases are typically poor and cannot afford the shot that gives no risk of paralyzation. The need for power between countries is prioritized over the lives of children so there will never be enough pull to find a resolution to this problem.



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  1. davidbdale says:


  2. davidbdale says:

    Dude, that is one dark Sample Opening. You’re mostly clear about the several obstacles to eradication, but if you could go a step further, greatness is within your grasp. Do you recognize that different constituencies are responsible for the obstacles? If in a word or two you could identify who would need to be appeased in each case to eliminate the obstacle, that would be very persuasive.

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