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White paper is preliminary paper, for sources and thinking, place to try out ideas. Collection of purposeful summaries, development of final paper.

My White Paper:

reflects the messiness of your thinking

add to it throughout the semester, so at the end only have to trim it down

no value in “thinking about my sources” thinking occurs during writing

the time to write about sources is while were reading them, the time to organize our thoughts is after were written our first draft

look for the angle that surprises readers

in a practice opening use sources to help our theory

until its really gone, its not gone

summary should draw conclusions, use examples to back it up

Quote Collection:

mix a collection of quotes and summaries and organize them

quotes and sources are very important for white paper

Sample Opening:

A public effort to eradicate polio has been in works for quite some time, yet to fully eliminate this virus we would have to isolate the people with the disease right now, preventing it from spreading further. Only three countries remain with where this disease is endemic Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. With the right tools it would be possible to eradicate polio, effective tools are: vaccine and diagnostic tools to detect infections that can lead to transmission of disease. The interruption of endemic transmission of polio is most important step is eradication.

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  1. davidbdale says:


  2. davidbdale says:

    I like where your Sample Opening is going, Moana. Can you suggest how we could isolate people who don’t know they’re carrying the polio virus?

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