-I shouldnt spend a lot of time adding irreleveant information to my white paper.

-Constantly add meaningful information to the white paper by the end of the semester we need 5000 words that we will later trim down to 3000 words for my final paper.

-We have to form good round in depth ideas, that we can explain well enough.

-When we read we see someone’s point of view, it either agrees or contradicts with our point of view. When the author suggest an idea contrary to our beliefs we begin to argue you it and resist because it goes against our personal ideas.

-Start writing while reading our sources and the process will begin. We have to always be able to explain why.

-Collect a few sources we begin to develop a hypothesis.

-When reading a source argue it and summarize it.

-Find a complex angle on the topic and see if it works if it doesn’t try and find another angle.

-The most important part in this whole process is getting writing on paper and try multiple angles.

-Summaries should draw conclusions. The summaries that tell you what to know rather than to find out what I know.

It is 2017 and Polio still exist. Since 1988 efforts have been made by the World Health Organization to eradicate Polio. The numbers have been cut down very drastically going from thousands of cases a day to only 100 recorded in 2015. The question then arises has the effort to eradicate polio hit a wall?  There has been a reduction of 99% of cases of Polio since efforts started. The last countries to have yet to eradicate polio are Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria. The obstacles faced in these countries include lack of basic health infrastructure, also many of these countries are currently involved in civil wars or other internal problems making it very difficult to reach these places with vaccines. With that I believe that the solution to this is resolving issues in these countries to allow people to begin vaccinating in those countries.


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2 Responses to PolioNotes-Romanhsantiago

  1. davidbdale says:


    Regarding your Sample Opening, Roman, please eliminate the Rhetorical Question. It’s a feint, a dodge, a trick to avoid making a clear claim. Say that we have hit the wall. Explain why. Explain how to get around or over or under the wall. No more questions from you, for the time being. Answers only. (And what if I told you that eradication efforts are always underway in the countries where polio is still endemic? But that they’re not always effective. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, for example, the Taliban drive by on motor scooters and shoot vaccination workers. How do we address that?

    • romanhsantiago says:

      What was i supposed to write for the research challenge? I 100% understand what you mean about the questions ill make sure to not use them in my writing and if I feel necessary to I will check with you. In regards to the failed eradication efforts, the issue is obviously much greater than the Polio epidemic in those countries. Polio is a huge problem and eradicating it in these countries would be great, however there are many more deaths in these countries due to war than there are Polio. Only way to achieve positive progress countries need a strong government to guide its people. It becomes very difficult to do so when Afghanistan is ran by militias and is notorious for their terrorist activities.

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