PolioNotes- green eggs and ham

White Paper

-Its a preliminary paper to try out new ideas.It is a collection of purposeful summaries.It is a place to try out introductions.

-It is the next stage in the development of the final paper.

White Paper:Why We Have Polio

-The White Paper is a worked in progress, it is by no means supposed to be a finished, perfect copy

-It is supposed to be sloppy

-The goal is to have 4,000-5,000 words, so by the end of the semester, we can trim to 3,000

-When we have to tell someone else what the idea is,that is when we know about the topic

-When we read, we resist or agree with he text which gets us nowhere, all we have done is tell ourselves why that writer is wrong

-we one think when we are writing, it is useless to split up the composition process into stages if the other steps we are not writing

-We need to start writing about our sources as soon as we find them

-We do this so the last step is not writing, its cutting

-We need to look for the angle that surprises and the reader when  looking for sources

-In a practice opening, we need to use the sources to help define the angle we our taking

-Often the angle is should be, the opposite of what people would assume it would be

-For example: This generation is not ready to eradicate polio, the backing was if one baby doesn’t get vaccinated, the disease could spread rapidly. Since it is not completely gone, the is an opportunity for the disease to spreadSo it is not the average normal take in the issue, but there is something backing it  up to support the unusual claim

-For the summary, it needs to draw conclusion. So instead if saying, the article says who gets polio and what it does, write about who gets polio and what it does. Then give examples to back the claim, for example polio is transmitted from poop to mouth. Thatch happen in innocent ways, and is why polio spread can be rapid.

-mix a collection of quotes, gather purposeful summaries and organize them into a pattern. Sources are valuable and necessary for the white paper

-another example was the measles outbreak. How measles are not dead, because there was an outbreak in California. They thought it was eradicated in the U.S, however on child had it and spread it to other children at the playground. This goes hand and hand with the polio not being eradicated claim.

REASEACH CHALLENGE: How many children caught the disease because of the incident in California.

A Practice opening example:

“To rid the world with polio forever, we will have to paralyze 250 children”, this is a counterintuitive claim

– To be successful,  make sure its an argument that can be proved in 3,000 words

Practice Opening

The world is too fragmented and mistrustful to ever join in a truly global effort, even to eradicate a dreaded disease.

Eradicating polio, unfortunately it is too difficult for countless reason to achieve this goal. where we have seen great strides her in the United States, around the world the epidemic is still very possible. Vaccinating everyone in the world is very costly and difficult to do, so if something happens, the disease can spread rapidly.Once one child has it, it can be spread to other very quickly. By the process of poop to mouth is how polio can be extracted, so one child’s feces and be picked up by a fly. That fly  can then land on food, then the disease can be spread. Another way it can spread, even here in the U.S. is by people simply not getting vaccinated. If one child has it, it can be spread through all the children whose parents didn’t want them to get vaccinated. Unfortuantley, the world is too fragmented and distrustful to ever join in a truly global effort, even  to eradicate a dreaded disease.



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2 Responses to PolioNotes- green eggs and ham

  1. davidbdale says:

    I admire your willingness to be blunt and graphic in your introduction, GreenEggs. I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read that used the euphemism “poor sanitation” as an explanation for the spreading of diseases. Such “sanitized” explanations fail to communicate anything clearly.

    I could try to find out how many kids got measles in the “Disneyland” breakout. Are you sure that’s what you want to know?

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