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RESEARCH CHALLENGE – There are more than two genders

A white paper is a preliminary paper, a repository for your sources and thinking, it’s a practice paper, a sample paper. A place to try out ideas. The collection of purposeful summaries. A place to make notes to yourself about what’s lacking.

Thesis changes -> some things are irrelevant and you can always get rid of them.

Goal to have 4-5,000 words. When it’s time to hand it in, squeeze it into 3,000 words.

A clear point of view, well written words in a paper is better than random ramblings

“We don’t have a thought in our head” We are reacting to our environment, not really thinking

  • Write about sources as I read them

Writing first, examine what we’ve written for organization is the process. That is why we start so early


Elect a source and write about that source, develop a hypothesis. Whittle down the nonessentials of your paper going into it deeper.

Try different introductions. Try to see which one feels most appropriate to you (at the moment)


  • Have a thesis
  • Have numbers
  • Note for further research

Incorporate someone else’s point of view into my problem


Something in this world that needs to be done to save children is polio eradication. People say that the children are our future, but if all of the children eventually grow sick due to the disease, what future will this world have? Most United States cases were contracted outside of the US and imported into the states, thought there’s only 8 cases per year. What has to be concerned is the third world countries such as Iraq. Harry Hull, chief of the World Health Organization’s Polio Eradication Program says, “We have great vaccines against polio.” This, however, is not enough to destroy the disease because not every child is vaccinated. Polio paralyzes hundreds of children every year and is an epidemic that needs to be taken care of before it takes care of us. If every person in a room has the disease, the one person who is vaccinated will not contract the disease, therefore the vaccination would be useful if it were everywhere, but that’s a very difficult problem to solve. Polio will most likely never be eradicated from the world completely, and even if it does it won’t be for a long time, but for now all we can do is vaccinated children who are able to be vaccinated. Even though the last case in the US was documented in 1993, there are still cases outside of the US that need to be address and that need to be eradicated. This world needs to work together in eliminating the disease, because the countries suffering cannot do it alone.

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Hi. My name is Shiloh Vasko. I'm a 24-year-old writer from South Jersey, and I hope you can find something here. My goal with this blog is to take the hard times in life and turn them into something useful or helpful for others to take out into their world.
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1 Response to Polio Notes – nobinaryneeded

  1. davidbdale says:

    I didn’t expect a research challenge unrelated to polio, NBN, but I accept the challenge. I’ll do my best.

    “Writing is Thinking.” Love that.

    I can’t help but notice that throughout your Notes, you reflexively land on “you” language, NBN. They’re just Notes, I know, but the reflex infiltrates less casual writing if it’s tolerated anywhere. Listen for it. Kill it. 🙂

    Your Sample Opening also avoids the First Person. Is it shyness for you, NBN, that makes saying “I” or in this case “we” so difficult? Listen for it. Step up. Identify yourself. Or tell me why you can’t. I’m understanding.

    Something in this world that needs to be done to save children is polio eradication.

    Never did a strong sentence use “something” as its subject and “is” as its verb.

    To save children, WE NEED to eradicate polio.

    You’ll tire of hearing this objection LONG before I tire of making it.

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