• A white paper is a preliminary paper, a sample paper, and a place to tryout ideas. It’s the collection of purposeful summaries.
  • Writing first and then examining what we have written.
  • Following the seven step writing process will help us stay organized and on task.
  • try different introductions to your paper
    • see which one seems most appropriate to you
    • look for the angle that surprises you and your reader


Although the vaccination for polio results positively in many cases, there is still the risk or paralysis in very few cases. Up to ninety five percent of cases show no symptoms. The virus is spread through feces in the saliva of sick people. When people hear this they may think this happens in the most outrageous ways, however, it can happen from something as little as a fly getting in your food that had feces from the ground on it. Polio may seem like it is going extinct but it still exists. Only one in two hundred people infected become paralyzed, but when they do it can lead to death from their breathing muscles becoming immobilized.


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