Polio notes- therealjohnsanchez

White paper is a preliminary paper, a repository for sources and thinking, practice paper, ,place to try out ideas, collection of purposeful summaries, make notes to self

can delete or change anything at anytime

Have 4000-5000 words and then cut it down to 3000

Explaining and debating shows how well you know a topic

People resist change

People will debate with contrary opinions to preserve their perspective.

Try different introductions – don’t use the ones that use common knowledge, most outrageous that you can prove is best

When summarizing don’t say what the article can tell you, say what the article told you


How much of the world could afford the safer but more expensive vaccine?

Although progress may not be a straight line, the world been changing for the better. One of these changes is the near eradication of polio. Volunteers have made great strides in mass immunizations in less fortunate countries. We know how to stop polio and we have done a good job so far. By continuing the effort, polio will be cured.



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