Polio Notes – wentzwagon11

The Polio virus will never be completely eradicated from this world as long as the world is still full of idiots. People who didn’t graduated from a college with a degree in medicine aren’t qualified to decide that vaccines aren’t good for a child. It is because of this stupidity and people thinking they know more than doctors polio is never going to be all the way gone. These poor children of parents who are scared of vaccinations will always be at risk for the disease. Then when they get it all the other children of idiot parents will get sick and another polio outbreak lies dormant until the idiot population grows large enough that their are more idiots in the world than people with common sense. If there is any hope to truly rid the world of polio and every other vaccinated disease for that matter people need to listen to the doctors who are educated on the matters of medicine and get themselves and their kids vaccinated. It’s one shot and it wont kill you, but the polio virus just might. It’s not too late for these idiots either all they have to do is take a trip down to their doctor and get the damned shot.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Tell us how you really feel, Wentz. 🙂

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