A white paper is a preliminary paper, a sample paper, and a place to tryout ideas. It’s the collection of purposeful summaries. My habit is being eradicated. Our work in progress is being graded which means I cannot sit down and have one 10 hour writing session. The white paper is a place that sources can be places as soon as their found. It gives us an opportunity to talk our way through the source and to discover how useful the source really is. It allows us to own our own language of the source.

A white paper is not intended to be polished. Thing will be erased, scratched, added, and replaced. Eliminating useless information would be helpful in showing the true size of the paper. The goal is truly focused 3000 word paper. With that goal, the white paper should be 4000 or 5000 words so the best information can be taken and trimmed down. When we have to explain our thoughts, it helps us understand them and understand the level that we know them.

While reading about sources, we should write about them. While we think about a source, all we do is argue with the text draining ourselves.  We learn nothing and only have a paper about why someone else is wrong. So writing about sources while reading is the alternative. Write before examining the order.  Following the 7 step process could prevent us from writing until the last week.  If writing about sources while they are read, the writing starts at step 2.

Cutting, not writing, is the final step!!! Try different introductions to further the paper. The most outrageous opening that can be proved is the best bet. Have someone read the opening and look for a thesis. Practice practice practice. Keep throwing out ideas and testing new openings. This will help lay out all of the options.

“Myself to myself as to what the article has provided me.” Can go back at anytime to reference material that will help with the paper. Nothing in particular to prove. A source is just explained/summarized and works as a good reference while writing a paper.


Purposeful summary after purposeful summary. Quote collection and summaries all together. 5 different attempts to launch a paper.

This generation has the strength and determination to eradicate polio. In 1977, the world came together to eliminate the threat of smallpox with great success. With the United States having a grim reminder of the dangers of declining vaccines as a result of the Disneyland epidemic in 2015, the eyes of the world have been opened. As a first world country with top of the line healthcare, the revival of the once presumed dead disease was just enough to show the world that no one is safe. Even the most sophisticated of countries must vaccinate against the wide array of diseases that threaten the world. With this mindset, those from around the world can see the benefit of vaccination and how dangerous it is to neglect from receiving them.

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