when you have a rough draft it’s almost good to have 4,000-5,000 words because you have to trim it down to 3000. A preliminary paper is meant to be an expression of a jumble of ideas,and then refined and polished so that the statement is clear and provides the appropriate evidence. Only after you write, and write, and write can you truly organize your paper. Having an outline is great and all but once you have everything on paper, only then can you figure out the puzzle.

A Practice Opening

The Example professor Hodges gave us gives us good insight to how a topic like polio should be opened. It begins by telling how polio spreads in the Middle East through war and poverty, and how it crosses the borders of countries thanks to war time travel. It discussed how it mainly affected kids but it also was compared to how smallpoxs is gone. The point of the paper is either can polio be eradicated or not.

Purposful Summaries

having clear sources and strong summaries helps you better structure and really write your paper. You’re allowed to have other opinions within your paper from other sources, this allows for more debate and a bigger view on the topic.


polio is literally spread from poop to mouth, it’s just the natural way polio is spread. RESEARCH CHALLENGE: Can adults really fight of polio naturally? Being in a refugee camp, which is almost makeshift, poor conditions easily spread polio.

Practice Opening

the optimistic thing to say is that this generation is more than capable of not only stopping polio,but eradicating it altogether. However, this isn’t the case, polio can easily spread in wartime situations, refugee camps, and poverty situations, all of which humans have yet to stop. Yes we have the minds and the technology to stop it, but it would be useful because of these situations, and not only that but other things like vaccine prejudice and distrust of “vaccination teams”, in regards to seal team six and Osama. We can stop dieses like polio, but only if we can stop our destructive tendencies.

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1 Response to PolioNotes

  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m pretty sure I follow most of your Practice Opening, Chance, but this bit really confuses me:

    Yes we have the minds and the technology to stop it, but it would be useful because of these situations, and not only that

    Is it possible you meant “useless”?

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