Polio Notes- kingoflizards

Polio Notes- kingoflizards

Value of a White Paper

  • A white paper is preliminary.
  • It is a place to try out ideas.
  • A white paper is a collection of purposeful summaries
  •  a repository for other ideas
  • a place to make notes to yourself about what is lacking.
  • Perduue OWL: “Typically, the purpose of a white paper is to advocate that a certain position is the best way to go or that a certain solution is best for a particular problem.”
  • This means that a white paper should have a purpose. To explain a position or an idea is the purpose of a white paper.
  • From my understanding, a white paper is a collection of the sources as well as a glorified brainstorming sheet. A collection of thoughts on what has been researched, as well as what needs to be researched.
  • Doing research is a key part of writing a paper. The work leading up to the paper should be more work than the actual writing of the paper.
  • Laying out the research in a way that makes it clear is a great way to see what is missing.
  • Finding out what is missing helps with the research process. The more research that is done, the better the paper should be.
  • Thinking about a source does not help with the paper. Writing about a source will help with the paper. It is easier to pull out ideas, if you are looking for ideas to begin with.
  •  Our white paper is 3000 words.
  • Write first, then organize the ideas.
  • Put words on paper. That is the best advice for writing a white paper.
  • Colect a source, write about the source, collect new sources, write about those, repeat beyond what is needed, write a long first draft, lastly edit out the nonessentials and organize.


  • Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan. 2013-2018

Sample Opening

Polio has been reduced by 99% worldwide. The world is so close to having polio eradicated, but polio is still running rampant in the middle east. In India, polio has been completely eradicated. Oral vaccines were dispensed to the country, and the entire country was effectively immunized. The population of India is 1.21 billion, and the population of Pakistan and Afghanistan together is about 210 million. If it eradication is possible in India, then it is possible in these countries as well. Polio will not be eradicated unless the world makes a combined effort. By shining the spotlight of the world on the topic of polio eradication, the countries that are still impacted by polio will be forced to vaccinate. Certain issues are meant to be worldwide. Things like the Geneva Convention, and conservation are efforts that the world is concerned with, and global health should be on that list. It is expensive, but with a worldwide effort eradication is possible. The fact that families are still impacted by the effects of polio is unacceptable.

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2 Responses to Polio Notes- kingoflizards

  1. davidbdale says:

    Dude. You went to Purdue OWL during class to find a description of a White Paper? If “high-fives” were in any way cool, I would say High Five!

    I’m with you. “From my understanding, a white paper is a collection of the sources as well as a glorified brainstorming sheet.” That’s more accurate, at least at first, than a statement of purpose. As it progresses, that collection of sources should look more and more like a purposeful first draft of your actual paper. But for starters, yeah. A Brainstorm Space.

    This I dispute: ” Our white paper is 3000 words.” Mine must be well over 5000 words now, and I’m just getting started. When I figure out the thesis and start to focus, I’ll have to jettison a lot of what I’ve collected. That’s the point of the White Paper. Gathering and lightly processing anything that could be useful. Having too much. Editing away the extraneous. Presenting only the ingredients that make a satisfying meal.

    I really like your “QuickStart” instruction sheet, King:

    Collect a source, write about the source, collect new sources, write about those, repeat beyond what is needed, write a long first draft, lastly edit out the non-essentials and organize.

    Most impressive of all is your Sample Opening. It makes a rhetorically persuasive argument that is hard to resist, one that hinges on your extremely clever population comparison. If we can inoculate 1.2 BILLION Indians, you insist, there’s no excuse for not inoculating the mere 121 million Afghans and Pakistanis.

    You overstate your premises when you call what’s happening in A and P “running rampant.” We’re just talking about a handful of cases; they just happen to be the ONLY CASES IN THE WORLD. Really fine work, King.

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