Polio notes-torthey

What is a white paper:

-preliminary paper, repository for sources and thinking, practice paper, place to try out ideas, collection of purposeful summaries, notes about what’s lacking

Polio White Paper: work in progress

supposed to reflect the messiness of thinking

constant editing

Produces work product

Cutting, not writing, is the last step

write 1st draft that is way too long then edit and organize into a persuasive essay

write multiple openings


Practice opening:

The chance of eradicating polio in my lifetime is highly unlikely due to the combative nature of the anti-vaxxer community. These people are so against compulsory vaccines that they would never vaccinate their children. Thanks to a single falsified experiment by a disgraced doctor, Andrew Wakefield, thousands of children go without vaccines due to a lie about the link between vaccinations causing autism spectrum disorder. While these people may be the minority of the population, all it takes is one unvaccinated child to spread the disease to others. Since not everyone can get vaccinated, (the immunologically deficient, babies, religious observers) parents who don’t vaccinate their children because of fear put those who cannot receive vaccines for other reasons at serious risk for contracting polio.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Torthey, you seem uncertain how to categorize posts. I’ve added yours to the Polio Notes category and the torthey category; I’ve also removed it from the 123 UNCHECK THIS BOX category.

    Reply if you’ve figured out how to categorize or if you need help understanding what I mean. Thanks!

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